The Basic MUVES Method

  • MUVE does not need choreography. There is no way to do it incorrectly. You learn to MUVE by dancing along to a lead dancer called the “MUSE.” The MUSE creates easy to follow movements, based on a system of 3 very “basic” MUVES
  • The three basic movements are WALK, TAP and ROOT. They are the elementary building blocks of any dance. If you can walk, you can do the 3 Basic MUVES
  • The “Basic MUVES” empower people who think they can’t dance to become more confident on the dance floor and are the foundation of endless possibilities of movements
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3 Basic MUVES

Mouse over the icons for details

Step – Step – Shifting weight from one foot to the other in a repetitive motion. Fast or slow, big or small, left or right, you can go anywhere with endless variations.
Only every second beat gets a weight shift. The weightless other foot is free to accentuate the 2nd & 4th beat.
No shift in weight. Balance is centered on two legs. A hop is a rooting Muve.
Reverse Tap
You can also put the weightless accent on the 1st & 3rd beat.
Root on one leg
This is the Icon for rooting on one foot only.


You can do a Basic MUVE in many variations. Basic movement patterns stay constant but other aspects change.

Variations are created by shifts in: Balance • Direction • Speed • Size • Intensity • Origin of Motion • Accentuation

Example: Walk

  • Walk Forward – Backward – Sideways
  • Slow Down – Speed Up
  • Stay Low – Jump High
  • Make it Big – Make it Small


Combine MUVES either one after the other (in sequence) or at the same time (synchronous)

Sequence Example: “Grapevine” (combo-Icon below, left, top): Two beats of WALK (step, step), and two beats of TAP (step, tap).

Synchronous Example: “Shimmy” (combo-Icon below, left, bottom): Stand with both legs rooted and shift your weight left and right (walk in place).