What is MUVE?

The MUVE Mission is to inspire people of all ages, shapes and sizes, to dance for physical and emotional health, and to create joy in the lives of individuals and communities through music and movement.

MUVE means music and movement. MUVE is a spontaneous dance exercise practice. Each MUVE dance is new, created without pre-planning or rehearsal. MUVE dancers listen, find the rhythm and allow the body to move in harmony to the music. They either explore freely on their own or pick up ideas from other MUVERS. MUVE improves overall health and flexibility. Continued practice builds strength and stamina and helps with losing weight. Dancing improves emotional well-being and is a shortcut to happiness.

MUVE is based on 10 Principles. These principles focus on appreciating music, releasing inhibitions, adjusting movements to personal preferences, exploring creatively, and inspiring others.


These MUVE Principles remind you of the most important ideas of MUVE.

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Enjoy Music
Appreciate the gift of music. Tap into the creative energy and allow the music to Muve you.
Feels Good
Make every Muve feel good! Listen to your body. Adjust every Muve to your own liking
Size It
You decide the speed, intensity & size of any Muve. Only your size is the right size.
Muve is for your own enjoyment. Relax and Muve like nobody is watching.
Any Muve
There are no limit on how to MUVE. Follow the dancers or make up your own dance.
Practice leads to confidence which allows creativity to come forth. Explore your options.
Equal Rights
Release all body parts from inhibitions. This is for fun. Nobody is watching!
Feel community when dancing with others. Catch the rhythm and ride along with us.
Be a Muse
Spread joy and physical wellness through dancing. Inspire others by your example.
One With Music
Move to music to create happiness in your life.


  • inspires everyday people to dance and exercise for health and fun.
  • reminds people to pause, and listen to their bodies.
  • encourages physical activity in a sedentary society and turns viewers into doers.
  • unites people of different ages, shapes, languages and nationalities in dance.
  • encourages joyful, spontaneous family and community dancing.
  • provides a creative platform to develop dancing skills, confidence and leadership.
  • helps people with limited means or mobility to enjoy dance exercise at home.

The MUVE Difference

  • Most traditional dances are choreographed. MUVE dances are created in the moment. No preparation, counting or memorization is required.
  • People learn to MUVE by dancing along to the lead dancer called the Muse. Anyone can be a MUSE. Because a MUVE dance is always created spontaneously, MUVE students follow “loosely.” They are provided with ideas and concepts, with no need to be exact or perfect. They are also encouraged to follow their own creative spirit at any time.
  • Any and all MUVES are okay as long as they feel good. It doesn’t matter how it looks, only how it feels. Dancers don’t have to worry about making mistakes. They don’t even have to keep in step with the group.
  • Instructions and suggestions are given visually, so one can fully enjoy 100% pure and uninterrupted music.
  • Because MUVE dancing is easy and spontaneous, anyone can join in immediately.
  • MUVE dancing does not require a partner and can include an unlimited number of co-dancers.
  • MUVE dancers adjust their movements to fit their needs. They listen to their bodies and adapt their movements to feel good. They can do a high velocity aerobic workout by taking bigger steps or create a mellow dance by slowing down at any given moment.
  • People of different generations and fitness levels can exercise together.
  • MUVE can be a personal exercise routine or can be enjoyed as a family and community dance.