Wow! What a great surprise! ... I thank you so much for the MUVE DVD! You are so thoughtful! I love it! Iʹve always loved dancing - itʹs almost a primitive/tribal type of release for me. However, my pesky condition has reduced me to, or taken me from the “Lido Shuffle” to the “MS Shuffle!” But MUVE is soooo forgiving & fun. (Of course, Iʹm not ready to appear on Dancing with the Stars or anything).

I canʹt tell you how much I am enjoying it. You gave me more than a DVD ... you gave me such an energizing, exhilarating experience! A true boost for me, physically, emotionally, spiritually - multidimensional improvement tool! Again, thank you so much!

Alana, Massachusetts

“My wife came home with one of those videos... . I tell you it is the greatest investment I ever made. It's a babysitter in itself. Allen just turned 3 in June. He dances to the video every day, a couple hours at least, free babysitting - and that's just one day.

He has been playing with it for over 3 months... and he is really good at it. He tells me ‘Dad, stand over there and do like this’ (demonstrates) ... he makes us dance with him. ... Now we are going to the live MUVE sessions as a family.”

Sam R., Makiki

I want to tell you how much MUVE means to me. I was feeling soooo tired this whole week, I thought I would have to see the doctor! But at the session on Saturday, I got so invigorated!! Life feels shiny again!! Thank you! MUVE Forever!!!!

Paige, Honolulu

So, my heart to heart about MUVE is this: I love dancing MUVE because it helps wake me up to the reality of living in and having fun being in a body.

I like it that it is so unpressured, that everyone is part of the group while at the same time free to be “different.” I can muve at my own pace and not feel anything but encouragement to do so. The most inspiring thing for me is watching you, Maggie! Your love of dance and movement is so genuine and contagious! Iʹm not kidding. I get a grin on my face just basking in your glow and doing my best to follow along.

I have a long history of back problems, and this class is one of the first where I donʹt feel like I need to do any of the things which donʹt feel right to me.

Leanne L., Honolulu

... A whole new dimension to myself opened up from day one and Iʹve been hooked ever since. For some reason my idea of dance has been having to learn a series of structured moves set to various musical rhythms...

What I discovered through MUVE was that the body has an innate responsiveness to music ... As a matter of fact, the body is designed to dance! Every joint, ligament, and tendon wants to move when the mind just relaxes and forgets itself....

The key is to just allow yourself to surrender to the moment and let go of any self consciousness or social conditioning. Like Mark Twain said, "Dance like nobody's watching, love like itʹs never going to hurt." So to live a balanced life, Yin needs Yang. Sitting still is a very powerful tool to awaken consciousness and insight into the ways of the mind. But this can be complemented by a form of meditation which awakens the freedom of movement and insight into the ways of the body.... what an opportunity MUVE is for meditation, exercise, and body awareness...

Wallen E., Palolo

I'm not a good dancer and am not very flexible. However, these dance sessions are so upbeat and energizing that I feel great the moment the music begins. The other people also seem to be enjoying it so much that it is a contagious good mood!

Even after an exhausting and frustrating day at work, when I pop in the video, the music starts and the mood infuses the room like a smile. Maggie has great taste in music. Muve is great.

Susan C., Honolulu

I have always loved to dance. Who doesn't? But as we grow older and busier, we forget some of the things we love, in order to get done the “lists of life,” going to school, raising a family and engaging in (hopefully) meaningful working.

Three years ago I found myself engaged in all those activities - work, school and raising a family. I knew I needed to find something for myself - and saw Maggie's ad. ‘Why not,’ I said; I have always loved to dance. Not only did I find that the session gave me the personal space I needed to do something for me, but it renewed my love of dance, music and movement.

... MUVE has refreshed my spirit and my body. The videos are upbeat and non-intimidating. It is the best thing I have done in years...

Geri M., Manoa

Aloha from Ka'imi

Most mornings, I put on one of Maggie's dance exercise DVDs, and start dancing to get myself awake. And pretty soon, I can't stop smiling. The music is so upbeat, the dancers on the screen are so inspiring! It feels so good, and (unlike chocolate), I know it is so good for me. I am getting the exercise I need, my heart is pumping, I am breathing in more oxygen, I am turning on all my circuits, physically and mentally, and I am starting my day with joy. And I know that how I start out my day makes a huge difference to how my day is gonna follow!

It's just so exciting to me to know that Maggie is helping so many people get into the habit of dancing every day, and feeling the joy of that. It is her dream come true. She is an emissary of health and happiness through the enjoyment of music and dance. She is helping everyone who thinks they can't dance discover how easy and fun it is. And she is helping everyone who has forgotten how much fun it is to dance to realize that it's something we can enjoy every single day.

I love to tell people about Maggie's beautiful mission in life, which is to get everybody up and dancing for health and happiness . . . because what she offers me, and everyone, everywhere, is a way to feel joy right here, right now, anytime, anywhere, with anyone or no one. And that is a huge gift to the world.