10 Principles Method

Enjoy our 200+ Dance-Along Videos

Go ahead and dance along! The MUVE Method supplies
fun, exercise and creative opportunity. Enjoy!

MUVE videos are easy to follow dances. As genuine one-take-wonders, MUVE dances are un-cut, never rehearsed, revised or repeated. They are created spontaneously and danced along with spontaneously.

The dancer in the center/front is called the "Muse"(lead dancer). Because the Muse improvises, following precisely would be difficult and is not necessary. Catch the Idea, and follow only "loosely." You are encouraged to create your own dance moves at any time.

Graphic MUVE Icons in the bottom corner display various cues and instructions. See muve.org/what-is-muve/ for instructions on the Basic MUVE Concepts and find MUVE Concept Cards at the ToolBox muve.org/tool-box/.

Now you can dance along whenever you have a minute, to give your body and mind a break from working too hard. Go ahead and do it right now! If you think the dances look like fun, just wait until you try one!

- Aloha - Maggie

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