10 Principles Method

Office MUVE, Special MUVE Moments

Exercise at home or office – Fun and easy dance routine gets you going

(MM-La Musica) Office MUVE dances relieve body and mind. Be more productive, shake off worries and loosen your body with Maggie and Rachel’s spontaneous dance exercises. Office MUVE is a series of dances recorded in a small office space. Rachel and Maggie take turns creating improvised dance moves inspired by the MOTIONS (MUVE Concept Cue Cards.) Follow only "loosely". Because the moves are being created spontaneously, there is no way to closely copy them - and that's not necessary. We want to invite you to dance in your own style, get the idea and try it in your own way. Motivate yourself to exercise because it's so much fun to do! Ride along with us and enjoy this fun dance exercise any time you need a break. Clear your head with a few minutes of easy dancing fun and gather new strength for the rest of your workday. There are many other free dance along videos available at the MUVE Video Blog at http://www.muve.org. MUVE videos are easy cardio workouts that can be done by anyone young or old.

Special MUVE Moments

Family Dancing Game – Free video Workout Dance Exercise to Miracle Mule

People of all ages can dance exercise together if you have a method that allows for all fitness levels to participate. MUVE is a dance method that helps people realize that moving to music is easy, fun and also effective in improving physical and mental wellness. Most of all it feels great to do. The challenge is to get up and try it. The advent of television and computers had the effect of decreasing physical activity for most people. Obesity amongst children and adults is one of the results of sedentary lifestyle. MUVE wants to offer little activity breaks, giving the body relief from inactivity. Dancing to music also helps with relaxation and stress relief for the mind. Forget your worries for 3 minutes of dancing fun for seniors, adults, parents and kids. This video was taped at a performance for The Great Aloha Run Expo in Honolulu Hawaii.

Special MUVE Moments

Diabolo Rojo

This is the only surviving dance from the very first trial video shoot in December 2007. I did not know how to position the 2nd camera. Only the wide shot camera footage survived the edit. Susan, Maria and I had a blast with this energetic song, and it shows. Diabolo Rojo is a very fast tune by Rodrigo and Gabriella, perfect for dance aerobic exercise.

Special MUVE Moments

MUVE Moments – Family Dance Along Exercises on LIVE Television

(Kuu-Hoa) In Hawaii Families can dance exercise in front of their TV every week-night on OC Channel 16! As part of the Tiny TV show MUVE airs a one-song dance along to inspire people to get active and take a break from sedentary TV watching. Young and old can dance together. No need to learn choreography, just dance along loosely! MUVEing feels good while it helps loosen and invigorate bodies and minds.

Office MUVE, Special MUVE Moments

Plumpton – 1 MINUTE MUVE

First "1-Minute MUVE," • 1/1/10 Office MUVE 1 Shortest MUVE-dance along video ever. Now this you can do! Go ahead and give it a try!

Special MUVE Moments, Young MUVE

Workouts for Teenagers _ Stomp To My Beat

This video is one of the very first MUVE dancing Games. Maggie had cast a crew of young adults to create a spontaneous dance for a DEMO. The purpose of the DEMO was to show prospective musical artist collaborators how a "MUVE" dance workout dvd would look like, so they might agree to let Maggie use their music. The dancers are Rachel and Ashley, two high-school students, James, a dance student who had responded to the casting call on Craig's list and Etienne, Maggie's teenage neighbor. None of the dancers had any experience with MUVE before this shoot! That's the beauty of MUVE. All you need is the willingness to have fun and enjoy the power of music and improvised dance. MUVE is easy, as you can see in this aerobic dance workout. Youthful energy turned this into a real cardio funk dance exercise workout.