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Family Dancing Game – Free video Workout Dance Exercise to Miracle Mule

People of all ages can dance exercise together if you have a method that allows for all fitness levels to participate. MUVE is a dance method that helps people realize that moving to music is easy, fun and also effective in improving physical and mental wellness. Most of all it feels great to do. The challenge is to get up and try it. The advent of television and computers had the effect of decreasing physical activity for most people. Obesity amongst children and adults is one of the results of sedentary lifestyle. MUVE wants to offer little activity breaks, giving the body relief from inactivity. Dancing to music also helps with relaxation and stress relief for the mind. Forget your worries for 3 minutes of dancing fun for seniors, adults, parents and kids. This video was taped at a performance for The Great Aloha Run Expo in Honolulu Hawaii.