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Family Dance Exercise – Easy Dance Workout – Dance for Fitness

(Nani Koolau). This dance along exercise is from the Family MUVE, a home workout DVD with low impact dance exercises for parents, children and seniors, in short the whole family. This DVD is currently sold out, but all dance along videos are viewable for FREE on our dancing blog https://muve.org/blog/. All ages can dance together with the easy MUVE dance method. MUVE is a dance method that helps people realize that moving to music is easy, fun and also effective in improving physical and mental wellness. These easy danceyo exercises can be done in front of the computer and are free for everyone! MUVE is multi-generational, always spontaneous, dance exercise. It is a free resource for kids, adults and seniors to learn a fun way of dancing in community. Check out about all the free and easy dance exercises, party dancing games and dance exercise videos at our website http://www.MUVE.org