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Chair MUVE, Family MUVE

Family Dance Exercise – Easy Dance Workout – Dance for Fitness

(Nani Koolau). This dance along exercise is from the Family MUVE, a home workout DVD with low impact dance exercises for parents, children and seniors, in short the whole family. This DVD is currently sold out, but all dance along videos are viewable for FREE on our dancing blog https://muve.org/blog/. All ages can dance together with the easy MUVE dance method. MUVE is a dance method that helps people realize that moving to music is easy, fun and also effective in improving physical and mental wellness. These easy danceyo exercises can be done in front of the computer and are free for everyone! MUVE is multi-generational, always spontaneous, dance exercise. It is a free resource for kids, adults and seniors to learn a fun way of dancing in community. Check out about all the free and easy dance exercises, party dancing games and dance exercise videos at our website http://www.MUVE.org

Chair MUVE, Office MUVE

Seated Exercises for Workplace Wellness – Office MUVE Desktop Stress Reliever

(Iberian Heat) Seated Dance-Along Exercise. Exercise at work with a OFFICE MUVE Dance Along for quick stress relief. You will feel refreshed and more productive getting back to the job at hand. Let Rachel and Maggie inspire you to a fun dance exercise that is easy to do. You'll be surprised how good it feels to get the blood flowing and the air pumping. You'll be refreshed and ready to face your workload with new energy and concentration.

Chair MUVE, Office MUVE

Easy Seated Exercises in Spontaneous Dance Along Video for Office or Home

(Carefree Days) Wellness at work dance along with Rachel and Maggie. This time we exercise right on a chair. This is your chance to get loose in your office and work out the kinks in your neck and shoulders. No much space is needed for this exercise at work - let's do it right now! When you follow, do so loosely. Our movements are merely meant as your inspiration. You get to decide the shape and intensity of your chair dance. This is a super gentle exercise video. Inspirational Concept Cards are displayed in the left lower corner so you always know what we are doing. To be safe, please watch your body throughout this stress relieving workout! Each body has individual needs and your job is to make this dance safe and enjoyable. Every MUVE feels good, that's our motto!

Audience Dance-Along, Chair MUVE

Si Tu No Estas

Seated Audience Dance-along at Senior Fair Sept. 2010. Actually dancing along makes all the difference. Give it a try, it really does feels great when you make it your own size and style! Movement keeps us limber and healthy.

Chair MUVE, Office MUVE

Chair MUVE – Seated Dance Exercise at Home or Work

(Jazzie Waggle) Office MUVE with Rachel & Maggie. Here's your gentle exercise inspiration! Dance along while sitting in your chair & feel how good it is to stretch & move. It's an easy way to get started on exercise & a fun, & low-impact way to reinvigorate body & mind. A gentle stress reducer for workplace wellness that anyone can do. You'll relax, lighten up & smile while following Rachel & Maggie's moves or making up your own, inspired by the music of Jazzie Waggle . . . Ahhhhh.

Chair MUVE, Office MUVE

Djangod • Chair MUVE seated desktop stress reliever

Rachel & Maggie dance for Office MUVE #2 on 01/02/10. Do you find yourself glued to your computer screen at times? When our attention is on the job our body often suffers from the physical inactivity. MUVE spontaneous dance videos are simple dance routines you can do right at your desk. This chair exercise video is a low impact workout you do while sitting down. Even though you are sitting, your juices will get moving, refreshing your body and your mind. Get some mental stress relief while doing the easy cardio workouts and flexibility exercises from the Office MUVE dance along videos.

Chair MUVE, Office MUVE

Easy Workout Routines – Dancing Along From Your Chair (Clue Centric)

Clue Centric - Office MUVE with Rachel & Maggie. Join in this spontaneous dance improvisation for chair exercises that are low impact & high-fun. Great for a desktop stress reliever to increase your own and your work mates' workplace wellness. Also great for older adult fitness, with easy gentle stretching exercises for seniors. These freestyle dance moves will inspire your own exercises to increase flexibility, release tension and clear your mind. Try these dance exercises at work or home and you'll have your own source of simple stress busters. Your easy dance along for health and happiness, with the mellow music of Clue Centric.

Chair MUVE, Senior MUVE

Senior Fitness Exercises Online – Chair Exercises for Older Adults – Island Style

The MUVE-along Method is a fun and easy way to get moving at home. As you follow the MUSE loosely you create each movement to feel good to you. Enjoy the island music of John Cruz as you refresh your mind while moving all your body parts. These are balancing and stretching exercises for seniors. Exercising at home saves time and money. Let us be your inspiration and dancing community right in your living room. This dance-along is a stress reducer and happiness creator -- give it at try right now. Find out more about the MUVE Method, the senior fitness dvd "Mellow MUVE" and the many free dance-along videos on the muve.com video blog at www.muve.com

Chair MUVE, Senior MUVE

Nani Ko‘olau – Chair Exercise for Seniors

Watch MUVE's easy dance exercise on chairs. Follow the simple movements to rejuvenate body and mind. This is a free video workout easy to do at home. Featured stretching exercises are gentle and feel great. In this Follow the Muse Dance Game, Maggie dances in the center position as the Muse, the lead dancer. The other dancers follow loosely. There is no need to be precise. MUVE dancing is about having fun and exploring creative dance moves. When you follow someone else you are likely to discover new movements and learn a thing or two. Go ahead and dance along to this video right now. The dance above is from the Mellow MUVE DVD, a beginner dance exercise dvd you can buy at the MUVE store. MUVE low impact dance videos are filled with fun activities for senior citizens and their families.