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Djangod • Chair MUVE seated desktop stress reliever

Rachel & Maggie dance for Office MUVE #2 on 01/02/10. Do you find yourself glued to your computer screen at times? When our attention is on the job our body often suffers from the physical inactivity. MUVE spontaneous dance videos are simple dance routines you can do right at your desk. This chair exercise video is a low impact workout you do while sitting down. Even though you are sitting, your juices will get moving, refreshing your body and your mind. Get some mental stress relief while doing the easy cardio workouts and flexibility exercises from the Office MUVE dance along videos.

3 Responses to “Djangod • Chair MUVE seated desktop stress reliever”

  1. Ka'imi says:

    Ok I did it — it was fun! I really do feel a lot better now; physically better –muscles relaxed, more energized, and mentally more alert, thanks!