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Dance Party- Fun Fitness for Families- Exercise Together

(Li Hing Hula) Are you looking for a more dynamic way to enjoy time with your friends and family? Try a MUVE dance along- a quick 4 minute break to shake off your day, energize your body and enjoy dancing with your company. MUVE is a multi-generational, always spontaneous dance exercise. You dance just the way you like it. If you want inspiration you can follow the movement ideas of a lead-dancer called the MUSE. This role can be played by anyone. MUVE is community dance, either in a group or individually in front of a TV or computer. Our message is "you can't do it wrong" as long as you have fun, mind your body's needs and of course others. To date there are over 200 MUVE dance-along videos you can enjoy at http://www.muve.org. Today's dance along exercise is from the Mellow MUVE, a home workout DVD with low impact dance exercises for parents, children and seniors, in short the whole family. We are currently SOLD OUT of our DVD's but no fret, all fitness dance alongs are viewable for free on our webpage. All ages can dance together! MUVE is a dance method that helps people realize that moving to music is easy, fun and also effective in improving physical and mental wellness. Take advantage of the free video workouts online at the video blog http://www.muve.org/blog/. These simple dance move exercises can be done in front of the computer and are free for everyone!

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