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Large GROUP Dancing Games, Workshops

Icebreaker Party Games- Dancing Games – Team Building Games for Children and Youth

(Viva La Vida 2) Today’s MUVE Moment is showcasing an exciting dancing game that can be utilized in small and large groups. Instantly get a new group acquainted with fitness, creativity and style, by playing a MUVE game. Without choreography, instantly get your party hopping with this fun game.The Tight-rope-slide is one of the new games created in 2013. It is super easy to set up with any group/party. You can find detailed MUVE Dancing Game instructions at http://www.muve.org/muve-dancing-games/ Basic idea of the Tight-rope-slide: Imagine you and your partner/partners are dancing on a tight rope from one side to the other and back. Whoever is in the front leads the movement. Find detailed MUVE Dancing Game instructions at http://www.muve.org/muve-dancing-games/ MUVE is multi-generational, always spontaneous, dance exercise. It is a free resource for kids, adults and seniors to learn a fun way of dancing in community. Check out about all the free and easy dance exercises, party dancing games and dance exercise videos at our website http://www.MUVE.org

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Youth Group Games – Dance Party – Creative Icebreaker Games

As part of the fifth anniversary of Let’s Move! First Lady Michelle Obama is encouraging Americans across the country to give out high-fives when they see someone making healthy choices. And she’s challenging everyone to #‎GimmeFive, and show her 5 things they are doing to be more active, and lead a healthier life. This MUVE Dancing Game is called "The WAVE." The WAVE is a party game that is super easy to set up. You can actually play this without any floor markers at all. This group movement game gives every dancer the opportunity to shine in from of the whole group. One after the other each dancer will offer a specific move for the whole team to do. We all move together like a wave, all the way to the center, briefly connect with the opposite side and then retreat to the outside lines again. Then the next dancer take the lead for the next motion.

Workshops, Young MUVE

Dance Party Games – Ice Breaker Games for Teens – Youth Group Games

(Celebrate) As part of the fifth anniversary of Let’s Move! First Lady Michelle Obama is encouraging Americans across the country to give out high-fives when they see someone making healthy choices. And she’s challenging everyone to #‎GimmeFive, and show her 5 things they are doing to be more active, and lead a healthier life.This MUVE Dancing Game is called "Multiple Infinity Loop" and this is a great example of how we at MUVE use dance to stay healthy and active. The Infinity Loop is a school activity and party game that is super easy to set up. You can actually play this game without any floor markers at all- needing little preparation. The infinity loop acts like catwalk, while participants dance down the middle of the group with their own dance move. This group movement game gives every dancer the opportunity to shine in from of the whole group.

Workshops, Young MUVE

Dance Party for Teens – Team Building Activities for large groups

(The Wire) This MUVE Dancing Game is called "Circle Jump" and its easy to set up because they do not need markings on the ground. Here we are learning to assert ourselves as well as how to be considerate to others. The group forms a circle and one spot in the center is designated as the “Muse-Spot.” Individual dancers jump into the center to take the lead. The Caller can indicate the switches or he/she can let the individuals decide how long to remain in the center. As soon as the Muse-Spot is vacated another person can “jump” in. Another variation of MUVE Circle Games: The dancers form a circle and the dance leader starts to demonstrate one “Move” (a simple, short movement pattern) which is picked up by everyone. Then the game leader designates the next Muse by pointing to another dancer. That dancer creates the next Move for everyone and then designates the next leader. Leading dancers can stay within the circle or the rule can be that the leaders always jumps into the center. If you are working with an inexperienced group you might want to specify the sequence of leadership ahead of time. For example start at one point of the circle and go one after another until everyone has a chance to lead.

Dancing Games with MUVE Concepts, Workshops

Youth Group Games – Follow Along Dance Game – Team Building for Teens

(Rude by Magic!) When introducing dance and movement to a new group we show them how it's done with the help of a couple of daring volunteers. In this case two winners camp staffers volunteered to be the "Center-MUSES" together with me. The inspiration for the dance movements, the MOTIONS are used (Kick, Scoop, Release & Hop to name a few). This helps give students movement ideas to create their own dance steps. We used verbal cues, but as you teach this game you can also use the MUVE Concept Cards to help the students find creative ideas. There are various types of inspiration concepts (Bodyparts, Emotions, Motions, Opposites, Characters) available in our toolbox https://muve.org/tool-box/ If you want to dance for your own enjoyment, see the many free easy dance exercises available at the MUVE Video Blog at https://muve.org/blog/office-muve/. MUVE videos are free video workouts that can be done by kids, seniors and adults. Learn about all the ideas, concepts, videos and free inspiration tools from MUVE at the website https://muve.org

Audience Dance-Along, Workshops

Large Group Dance Exercises at Staff Wellness Workshop – Employee Fitness Made Fun and Easy!

(Accentuate The Positive) This is a dance-along with 100+ people participating! A projector helps communicate the inspiring Movement Concepts "MOTIONS" as the group loosely follows MUSE Maggie on stage. MUVE Dance-alongs and Dancing Games are easy to do. They help relieve stress, improve physical wellbeing and give people the opportunity to connect with each other. When you invite MUVE to do a workshop with your staff, faculty, assembly or party guests we will usually start with a simple dance following a MUSE. But very soon everyone gets to explore their own moves and then share them with their co-dancers. Invite a MUVE educator to "animate" your office meeting or party.

School Physical Activity Program, Workshops

Easy Fitness Game that creates an instant Dance Party with your group

(Call Me Maybe) This large group of Elementary students celebrate their "Peace Day" with a MUVE Dancing Party. How lovely is that? The group is playing our new favorite game, the 'Cascading Wave' https://muve.org/muve-dancing-games/cascading-wave/ . This is a great game because everyone gets to contribute their creative dance moves. For such a large workshop, we separated the children into four groups. Removable stickers on the ground gives each child their assigned position and clearly divides each section. Each section as stickers on opposing sides. One by one the children step forward to lead one movement into the center and back. If a dancer can't come up with an idea, the game-leader suggest the movement to the group so as to not hold up the process by waiting. Find detailed instructions for this and all the other great MUVE dancing Games at https://muve.org/muve-dancing-games/

Workshops, Young MUVE

Young adult dance exercise game to Katy Perry's Hot 'N Cold

Young adults and teens create spontaneous moves for each other inspired by a MUVE Concept Slideshow. This video shows how the MUVE Dancing Tools help inspire creativity. The computer randomly displays concepts to spark ideas for dance moves. You can play this dancing game without a Triangle Grid and just designate one "MUSE-Spot" per 3 person team. However, especially for younger dancers, the TRIANGLES help communication within the team. They also speed up the reset time after what we call a "MIX-UP." In a "MIX-UP" the players leave their teams to find new team mates. In MUVE we like to "mix-it up," to help dancers connect with everyone, and not just with their own friends. MUVE is a community building activity made of fun and healthy exercise disguised as play.

Workshops, Young MUVE

MUVE Community Dancing Games get the party started at Teen Winners Camp in Hawaii

(Dance With Me Tonight) When I start a workshop with a room full of unsuspecting teenagers I like to show them how it's done with the help of a couple of daring volunteers. In this case two winners camp staffers volunteered to be the "Center-MUSES" together with me. As an inspirational concept, I suggested that we select different body-parts and make them the center of our motions. We used verbal cues, but as you teach this game you can also use the MUVE Concept Cards to help the students find creative ideas.

Dancing Games with Toys, Workshops

Spontaneous Dance Game teaches Teamwork, Leadership and Manipulative Skills

(It's OK) This spontaneous dancing game teaches how to move as a team. We are combining the Independent TRIANGLES Game with The SNAKE Game. First the partners of each team alternate inspiring each other with dance moves on their TRIANGLE. When the Game Leader calls for a "Break-out" the teams leave their TRIANGLE space and the person in the lead position guides their team throughout the whole room in a Snake-dance. For more fun we have added small balls to the equation. This game teaches teamwork and leadership as well as manipulative skills.

Large GROUP Dancing Games, Workshops

MUVE teaches spontaneous creative dancing activities at summer fun teen staff workshop

(Big Lights) 96+ people are spontaneously dancing in this easy dance moves exercise anyone can do. Here we are doing the MUVE Dancing Game called "Independent Triangles." It's a fun collective mass physical activity game. Groups of 3 have found each other around a sticker (Muse-Spot) on the ground. They rotate within their Triangle. Whoever occupies the "Muse-spot" leads their team with movement ideas.

Workshops, Young MUVE

Spontaneous Dance Activity Game for teens from Winners Camp in Hawaii

(You make me feel) This MUVE Dancing Game is called "Infinity Loops." For this physical activity dance game we added little towels to the mix. When you add objects to a dancing game it adds new movement possibilities. Toys can also help to forget worries about what to do. You have got something in your hands and it leads you to an idea. The teenagers in this video are new to MUVE and also new to each other. The goal of this movement activity is to connect with a partner and dance down the "catwalk" showing of your moves to the rest of the group. The teens are learning to dance in the spotlight - a good practice for anyone. The job is simple and you get several chances to come up with movement ideas.

Workshops, Young MUVE

Spontaneous Exercise Dancing Game for Teenagers and Young Adults

(Howlin' for you) Winner's Camp teens and staff play a spontaneous dance-along game with toys, in this case paper plates. This game is called "independent Triangles Game" because the players form groups of three to inspire each other. Each triangle has one specially marked Muse-spot. Whoever lands on the spot lead the dance for his/her triangle. In this version of the game the individuals in each triangle decide when to rotate clockwise to move a new Muse to the spot.

Workshops, Young MUVE

Low Impact Dance Video brings Easy Dance Workout for Teens – Grenade

(Grenade) A group of teenagers and staff of the Winners' Camp in Hawaii at spring break 2012. This is a MUVE Dancing Game where players inspire each other with easy to follow dancing movements. Everyone get's to decide to follow or to create their own dance.

Large GROUP Dancing Games, Workshops

Employee Wellness Workshop – Spontaneous Dance Activity inspired by MUVE Concepts

(Koop Island) Concepts: BODYPARTS. This creative movement game is called "independent Triangles." It is super easy to set up, and it can be played by an unlimited amount of people! Motivate your staff to this fun and easy dance exercises at work or invite MUVE to come to your workplace to set up a MUVE employee fitness program. In this dance exercise video we have asked the participants to form teams of three. Each team is given one sticker to mark the lead-dancer (MUSE) spot. As the games progresses a Caller will give the command to "Huli Huli" which means "move within your triangle team clockwise to the next position." Now a new MUSE will take up the lead in each triangle. Take a look how easy this is for this group of co-workers. To help with spontaneous movement ideas we are displaying the MUVE Concepts cards "Bodyparts." There are many "Inspiration Tools" available at www.MUVE.com to help get the party started. This game is only one of many MUVE Dancing Games available for free at MUVE.com. Workplace wellness ideas can also be found in form of desktop exercises you can do right in front of your computer whenever you feel like it. Try out the many desk exercises with the Office MUVE videos at our site www.MUVE.com. These are easy dance-alongs to do in small spaces and will inspire physical activity in the workplace.

Dancing Games, Workshops

Mercy – Infinity Game

Pre-school teachers create movements inspired by the ideas of the MUVE Concepts. You can download the "MUVE Animation Concepts" as a PDF, then print it out and start playing. The Infinity Game is a crowd pleaser among all ages. This exercise activity is an easy dance workout that gives an opportunity to groove in the spotlight and cheer on those who are dancing. Set up the game in minutes by making two parallel lines with tape 5-8 feet apart and divide group of dancers in two. Participants stand on the lines and from the 'top' of the game, a dancer from each side pair up and boogie down the 'catwalk'. Pairs return to their beginning side, and the loop effortlessly continues with the next pair of dancers.

Dancing Games, Workshops

FREE Multi-Generational Family Party Entertainment – Dancing at home made easy!

• Tight Rope • Grooving to the music relaxes your brain and makes your body feel good. It's a great stress buster. Break out of the box and get up and dance with us. It's so easy and it feels so good. I hope you will try it! This dance exercise video shows 9 dancers in 3 groups of three. It is called and "independent" TRIANGLE dancing game because each TRIANGLE has it's own "Muse-spot." The dancer on this spot will create the movement idea which the other two pick up as an inspiration for their own expressive spontaneous dance. As always we follow loosely. Get the free instructions for the MUVE family and group dancing games at www.muve.com. There are also many more dance workout videos online to dance-along at home. Find these easy cardio workouts at the site's MUVE-along video blog.

Workshops, Young MUVE

Dance exercise to Katy Perry song "Firework" – Aerobic workouts for teenagers

First dance of the Spring Winners' Camp MUVE workshop. All kids are brand new to MUVE. At this stage of the game some of the kids are still a bit bewildered about the idea of "dancing along". This spontaneous dance introduces them to the 3 Basic MUVES of the MUVE Method. These MUVES are the movement patterns at the base of any dance. As demonstrated here in their simplest shape, anyone can do them spontaneously. They are perfect to get this group of teens moving and grooving. Dancing to the popular song "Firework" also helps everyone to get inspired. Maggie will be releasing 6 of the songs from this workshop and you will be able to see how quickly the teens warm up to the improvised dance method. Subscribe to the MUVEmethod video channel so you will get to see the other songs as they become available. Dance along to this aerobic dance video. It's great exercise to get in shape -- start exercising at home with the many MUVE videos at www.muve.com/blog/

Dancing Games, Workshops

4-year-old preschooler leads improvised group dance – Fun Dance along workout for YOU!

Little Allen leads us here at a workshop for GirlFEST. Just watching the video will not give you the whole experience, so we invite you to actually get up and dance along with us! As always, the leading Muse only supplies ideas that you can pick up or ignore. There is no must do in MUVE. Follow loosely. The three Muses in this dance along workout demonstrate a Basic Triangle MUVE dancing game. MUVE Dancing Games are group dances and excellent exercise activities for kids as well as older adults. The spot in front is where the MUVE is created. This "Muse"-spot, and the positions of the other dancers are marked on the ground. There are different MUVE Dancing Games for any number of players. They offer stress relief for kids, exercises for older adults and workouts to get in shape for the whole family. They can get the family up and moving for better health and happiness. Learn how to play the MUVE Dancing Games and get healthy dance aerobic exercise right at home at muve.com.

Basic MUVES, Workshops

Sugar Blues – Learn to dance the 3 Basic MUVES

Maggie teaches the Basic MUVES to a group of pre-school teachers. MUVE dancing is easy! A lot of people believe they can not dance. This video is here to prove them wrong. So if you are a "non-dancer," try it and dance along. You might be surprised how fun it is to move to music. The Basic Dance MUVES can show you how to dance! This is an improvised dance style, so follow loosely! No need to be exact. Video shows a group of pre-school teachers in a workshop with Maggie Kunkel in Honolulu, Hawaii. This is their introduction to MUVE and their very first dance. You can see four more dances from this workshop at the MUVE website video blog.


Staff and community workshops • Let's Dance with preschool teachers

www.muve.com Group dance-along at a preschool staff workshop, 8/2010. This lively spontaneous dance is a "Center MUSE Dancing Game." In this dance video two volunteers help Maggie lead a group of about 30 preschool teachers. As always, in a MUVE-dance-along, participants follow the inspirations of the "Muse" (lead dancer) loosely. A MUVE workshop usually starts with participants following the lead of the lead-Muse (Maggie) in learning the Basic MUVES. The Basic MUVES are an easy stepping system to improve confidence and dancing skills for newcomers to dancing. Here you see the second phase in the MUVE workshop when participants are introduced to the principle of the "Muse -- Rotation." The physical location of a dancer determines his/her role in the group dancing game. Whoever occupies the "Muse-Spot" is in the lead. Rotating clockwise, moves in a new Muse with fresh ideas and her personal spin on things. Even though the players on the outside triangles keep following the center triangle, they practice the clockwise rotation within their own little group of three dancers to get ready for phase three -- when everyone will be leading and inspiring others as a Muse. All dancers in this games are new to MUVE, which proves the point that you do not need to be prepared to do a MUVE-dance, just willing to let loose and have fun with your friends at home, in school or anywhere you can find a dance floor. MGDs are great disco party games, a wonderful way to connect with friends and loved ones in an easy cardio workout that is full of fun, excitement, creativity and community. Download the FREE instructions to this and other MUVE Dancing Games at www.muve.com.

Dancing Games, Workshops

Shake It Off – Multiple Triangles Dancing Game

Here all participants are creators in MUVE's Independent Triangles Game. Each triangle has a "Muse-Spot". Whoever lands on the spot is the lead dancer and the provides dancing inspiration within their triangle. To initiate a change, the "Muse" claps hands and turns, before moving one spot clockwise. The dancers follow loosely. There is no need to be precise. MUVE dancing is about having fun and exploring creative dance moves. This game is a good icebreaker to practice the role of the Muse. Each Muse only leads two fellow Dancers. This may make it easier for shy people to enjoy being a Lead Dancer.


Party Time – Multiple Triangles Dancing Game

All triangles turn independently. Players alternate leading the dance. A fully self animated dancing game. No teacher necessary! Try it at your next party!

MUVE with Allen (Pre-schooler), Workshops

Spontaneous Dancing Exercise with Preschooler – MUVE Dancers come in all Ages, Shapes and Sizes!

Dance like nobody is watching and let the music move you. It's so much fun to let loose, shake your bones and energize your whole being. - Learn about the MUVE Dancing Games at the MUVE website. Then play them with your party guests, co-workers or family. There are 15+ different party dancing games you can do. They are super easy dance exercise games and feel oh so good. Song: We No Speak Americano