10 Principles Method

Young adult dance exercise game to Katy Perry's Hot 'N Cold

Young adults and teens create spontaneous moves for each other inspired by a MUVE Concept Slideshow. This video shows how the MUVE Dancing Tools help inspire creativity. The computer randomly displays concepts to spark ideas for dance moves. You can play this dancing game without a Triangle Grid and just designate one "MUSE-Spot" per 3 person team. However, especially for younger dancers, the TRIANGLES help communication within the team. They also speed up the reset time after what we call a "MIX-UP." In a "MIX-UP" the players leave their teams to find new team mates. In MUVE we like to "mix-it up," to help dancers connect with everyone, and not just with their own friends. MUVE is a community building activity made of fun and healthy exercise disguised as play.