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Easy Dance Moves to Support an Active Life- Dance Workout for Seniors and Adults

(Pi'i Mai Kanalu) Today’s MUVE Moment is a gentle dance along straight from our sold out MUVE Exercise DVD. Just follow the Muse in the center, and enjoy these easy dance moves that feel good in the body and energize the spirit. MUVE can help you get up and moving at home, by using our FREE dance along blog, filled with 100s of easy to follow dance videos- dancing for fitness and joy have never been easier. https://muve.org/blog/ We move spontaneously, enjoying every beat of the music with our body. With no specific choreography, every dance move is right, MUVE is a system that is inclusive to all abilities and needs. Everyone moves to their own delight in MUVE. That means that while you are exploring the ideas you see on screen you can shape the movement to your own needs. If you want a more intense workout, you can put more energy into your moves. And likewise you can always make your movements smaller or slower. That's the beauty of MUVE, and one of the reasons all generations can dance together with MUVE. So go ahead and invite your family to join in! Many people prefer following a lead dancer. It's relaxing not to have to remember or create anything but to just flow along with the music and the movement ideas created by the MUSE (lead dancer.) That's what we call a dance-along.

9 Responses to “Easy Dance Moves to Support an Active Life- Dance Workout for Seniors and Adults”

  1. georgina warth says:

    HI my name is Georgina Warth and I live in New Zealand.I love your video and I would love to know where I could buy it.I work with Senior and I know they will love the move too.

  2. Sandy says:

    Fantastic short workout!

  3. Tami Popove says:

    Hi! My name is Tami from Canada! I am so happy to see there is a program where you can dance on a chair while listening to awesome music.I am going to University where I am taking an Assistant Activity Worker program. I’ll be working mainly with seniors and this will be great for them. How do I get a copy of your Muve for seniors?

  4. Jennifer Fox says:

    I have my 88 year old Mum up and moving. She enjoys the music as they went to Hawaii for many
    years. She says we need to do this every day! Thanks for making it fun and easy for her.

  5. Anna 55 says:

    This was great. Where do I sign up. I’m already enrolled with over 55 workout plan, and this would compliment it very well. Thanks.

  6. hayden says:

    wow its absolutely amazing got me moving and grooving

  7. Haydn chatar says:

    wow this was a great website, I am a very old women and this website helped me stay in chape during lockdown 🙂

  8. not hayden chater says:

    wow this is a great website! I am a very old woman and this website helped me stay in shape durung lockdown 🙂

  9. not hayden chater says:

    oh my golly gosh, cristano suiiiiii