10 Principles Method

Basic MUVES, Young MUVE

Youth Group Games- Team building for Teens- Great Ice breaker

(That's not my name) When we begin a workshop with a room full of teenagers, we like to show them how it's done with the help of a couple of daring volunteers. We use dance games for team building activities and these games can work great as an icebreaker. In this case two winners camp staffers volunteered to be the "Center-MUSES" together with me. The inspiration for the dance movements, the 3 Basic MUVES are used (Walk, Tap & Root). This helps give students a foundation to create their dance steps.

Basic MUVES, Young MUVE

Dance Party for Teens – Ice Breaker games for Youth Group

(The Phoenix) Teenagers and staff of the Winners' Camp in Hawaii, dance exercise in MUVE dance work shop. This group activity for teens is one of the MUVE Dancing Games. Removable stickers on the ground divide the students in Two groups. Each section has stickers on opposing sides. Each side has a Dance leader, suggesting a movement for the group to follow. The 2 Basic MUVEs are this dances theme. This fun party game works like a charm. Try it with your next party guests, or any social group you might attend. Our dancing games bring together extroverts and introverts, into one giant dance party for all. There is no age-limit for MUVE dancing!

Basic MUVES, School Physical Activity Program

Maggie teaches the 3 Basic Moves – a simple method for dancing spontaneously

(You never can tell) Would you like to know an easy method for dancing spontaneously anywhere, to any music for any occasion? The 3 Basic MUVES of the MUVE Method are a super easy way to get moving on the dance floor. This dance along video teaches these primal movements to a group of elementary students to a fun old rock'n roll tune. Just get up and dance with us right here, right now. There's never a better moment than NOW!


Learn to dance with 3 Basic MUVES – System for spontaneous dance exercises

(Cry Baby) The 3 Basic MUVES were one of the first discoveries I made after starting to teach spontaneous dancing to adults, seniors and the elderly in 1998. I was looking for basic principles and found that most movements can be broken down into 3 basic movements. The first MUVE is "walking" (left foot - right foot.) And how can we move when we are not switching from one foot to the other? - That MUVE I call "ROOT." Bend your knees and do a little hop and you are "rooting." The third discovery was "TAP." It is a natural extension of "WALK" and means that, although we accentuate each beat, we do not shift our weight. A shift occurs only every second step (beat) and the accentuation is "free" (free of having to support the weight of the body.)

Basic MUVES, Young MUVE

Teens and young adults learn to dance the Basic MUVES with Shakira Song

Maggie teaches the Basic MUVES to the staff of this years Winners' Camp. This group of young adults had no prior experience with MUVE. They took to MUVE like fish to water. This was their very first dance. It is a highly energetic dance along - Go ahead and do it - it's easy. The basic MUVES are rudimentary easy dance moves everyone can do. They can help a beginner dancer feel confident because they teach an easy dance method to get grooving on the dance-floor.

Basic MUVES, Workshops

Sugar Blues – Learn to dance the 3 Basic MUVES

Maggie teaches the Basic MUVES to a group of pre-school teachers. MUVE dancing is easy! A lot of people believe they can not dance. This video is here to prove them wrong. So if you are a "non-dancer," try it and dance along. You might be surprised how fun it is to move to music. The Basic Dance MUVES can show you how to dance! This is an improvised dance style, so follow loosely! No need to be exact. Video shows a group of pre-school teachers in a workshop with Maggie Kunkel in Honolulu, Hawaii. This is their introduction to MUVE and their very first dance. You can see four more dances from this workshop at the MUVE website video blog.