10 Principles Method

Learn to dance with 3 Basic MUVES – System for spontaneous dance exercises

(Cry Baby) The 3 Basic MUVES were one of the first discoveries I made after starting to teach spontaneous dancing to adults, seniors and the elderly in 1998. I was looking for basic principles and found that most movements can be broken down into 3 basic movements. The first MUVE is "walking" (left foot - right foot.) And how can we move when we are not switching from one foot to the other? - That MUVE I call "ROOT." Bend your knees and do a little hop and you are "rooting." The third discovery was "TAP." It is a natural extension of "WALK" and means that, although we accentuate each beat, we do not shift our weight. A shift occurs only every second step (beat) and the accentuation is "free" (free of having to support the weight of the body.)