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MUVE Performances

You Can’t Stop The Beat – Dance-along / Performance

A group of volunteers help Maggie on stage entertain the audience of the Senior Expo in September 2010. For this dance, Allen (4) and Rose are co-muses and lead the dance together with Maggie. Allen surprises us with a bunch of new funky moves he has learned, since we have last seen him on stage in February of his year.

Audience Dance-Along, MUVE Performances

Audience Animation Game and Dance Exercise for Seniors – Bien O Mal

This video was created at a MUVEdance performance for The Senior Good Living Expo in November 2010 in Honolulu, Hawaii. This is a "Clap and Shout" dance along game. The improvised follow along action aims to rouse and relax everybody. Here you see us clapping hands and expressing angry roars and a sighs of relief. In the audience you see older adults from the Good Life Expo in Honolulu. Spontaneous dance is stress relieving and relaxes your mind. It's always a good time to MUVE.

Audience Dance-Along, MUVE Performances

4 year-old Allen leads dance to Fiji song "She's Da Bomb"

A happy dance at the Senior Expo in Honolulu. A bunch of volunteer showed up to support Maggie on stage. Here we are following the three Muses Allen (4), Wallen and Rose in the center triangle. MUVE is grooving to the music, inspirational dance that is always spontaneous. Young and old can MUVE together. Little Allen learned to MUVE by dancing to the MUVE along videos at home. His dad Sam says he can entertain himself for hours with MUVE. Allen is especially fond of leading others as a Muse. Whenever I have an opportunity for us to perform, Allen wants to be in on it. He has copies of every dance ever burned to dvd. He made a great jump in physical and creative ability since last February. Wallen takes the lead cruising in his special style. Followed by a brand new Muse. Her Name is Rose and she naturally enjoy inspiring others. Welcome Rose! The three Muses demonstrate a Basic Triangle MUVE dancing game. MUVE Dancing Games are group dances and excellent exercise activities for kids. The spot in front is where the basic MUVE is created. This "Muse"-spot, and the positions of the other dancers are marked on the ground. There are different MUVE Dancing Games for any number of players. They offer stress relief for kids, exercises for older adults and workouts to get in shape for the whole family. They can get the family up and moving for better health and happiness. Learn about how to play the MUVE Dancing Games and get healthy dance aerobic exercise right at home. https://muve.org/home.html#game_instructions

Audience Dance-Along, MUVE Performances

Be Ok

Our audience was happy to dance-along to this happy song. Who does'nt want to be okay? Unfortunately we had no one watching the camera that Saturday. I could only use a small section of this song from the Saturday performance. The next day we danced to the same song again. That is why you can see two different groups of performers in this video.

MUVE Performances, MUVE with Allen (Pre-schooler)

KuuW-AT with Allen

Allen (3), Susan, Maggie and friends dance at the Wellness Fair at Aloha Tower Market Place. Allen came to some of my adult MUVE Sessions in September 2009. We soon found out that being a Muse is his favorite way to dance. So here is one of his very first public appearances as a MUVE Muse in November 2009.