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Dancing Games with MUVE Concepts, Workshops

Youth Group Games – Follow Along Dance Game – Team Building for Teens

(Rude by Magic!) When introducing dance and movement to a new group we show them how it's done with the help of a couple of daring volunteers. In this case two winners camp staffers volunteered to be the "Center-MUSES" together with me. The inspiration for the dance movements, the MOTIONS are used (Kick, Scoop, Release & Hop to name a few). This helps give students movement ideas to create their own dance steps. We used verbal cues, but as you teach this game you can also use the MUVE Concept Cards to help the students find creative ideas. There are various types of inspiration concepts (Bodyparts, Emotions, Motions, Opposites, Characters) available in our toolbox https://muve.org/tool-box/ If you want to dance for your own enjoyment, see the many free easy dance exercises available at the MUVE Video Blog at https://muve.org/blog/office-muve/. MUVE videos are free video workouts that can be done by kids, seniors and adults. Learn about all the ideas, concepts, videos and free inspiration tools from MUVE at the website https://muve.org

Dancing Games with MUVE Concepts, Young MUVE

Teen Games- Dance for Fitness and Fun – Youth Group Team-Building Games

(Gentleman) The group is playing MUVE's classic game, 'Independent Triangles'. This is a great game because everyone gets to contribute their creative moves and take turns leading and following a small group. 3 people make a triangle team. Players rotate within their triangle to the Muse (leading) spot to inspire the two fellow dancers. The call for a triangle-rotation is "Huli Huli' and it moves players one position clockwise within the individual triangle. This is perfect for any size group.

Dancing Games with MUVE Concepts, School Physical Activity Program

Express Emotions through Dance – MUVE Exercise activities for kids inspired by MUVE Concepts.

(Dirty Side of the Street) Improvisational dance exercise activities for kids can be played at school or at home. MUVE Dancing games are all about cooperation, leadership and encouraging movement creativity for every individual. In this game 7 student dancers practice leading the entire group, while being inspired by Muve Concepts Cards- Emotions. The Emotions Cards are great for supporting kids to use movement as a form of expression. In this dancing video a group of 7 Muses alternates leading the dance, inspired by Emotion Muve Concept Cards. The 7 Muses take turns in the 'Muse-spot' by rotating clockwise into the center position. Change is initiated by the Caller or the individual Center Muse by calling 'MOVE'. Only the Muses rotate. The other dancers stay at their locations and follow the Muse in the center loosely. Having a Center Muse unites all dancers in a common dance action.

Dancing Games with MUVE Concepts, School Physical Activity Program

Characters and Dance – improvised dance exercises for school children

(Kelly's Heroes ) The lesson plan for this MUVE dance workshop centers around how you can move your body representing a character (be someone you are not.) The students have each chosen a character role and practiced to dance in "Character" in a previous dance. Now they demonstrate their dance moves to lead the whole group in a dance-along. The underlying game structure is called "All TRIANGLES Move."

Dancing Games with MUVE Concepts, Office MUVE

MUVE Moment #20 – Easy dance along video for TV audiences in Hawaii.

(Spy Dudes) Relieve stiff muscles, joints and bones now by doing an easy dance along with Maggie and Rachel in front of your screen. As a matter of fact there are over 20 Office MUVE videos to dance along to here at the MUVE Video Blog.

Dancing Games with MUVE Concepts, School Physical Activity Program

Learn to dance in synch with the 4 count beat and change the tempo of your movements

(Cakewalk) In this lesson we learn about the 4-count-beat. We use a 4-count beat in most all our western music forms. Keeping the beat together keeps all musicians in sync. The same goes for us dancers - we too share the 4-counts with the musicians and accentuate our movements in synch with the beat. With the help of the 4-count-beat we can learn how to speed up and how to slow down the tempo of our movements. We can step at the same speed with 4 steps/accentuations per 4 beats. Or we can slow it down to only 2 steps/accentuations per 4 counts, all the way to only 1 beat per 4 counts. If we take 8 steps in the same time frame we are going "super-speed."

Dancing Games with MUVE Concepts, Dancing Games with Toys

Elementary students create individual dance moves inspired by MUVE Concept Slide-Show and Toys

(Puttin' On The Ritz) These school kids have each picked a "personal" toy and now creates their own movement ideas reflecting specific concepts like high, low, shake, hop, turn etc. prompted by a slideshow of MUVE Concepts. Each kid explores the possibilities. Even though they may pick up ideas from others, we encourage the students to invent their own moves. The toys bring additional creative ideas, the group brings the community and inspiration to dance.

Dancing Games with MUVE Concepts, School Physical Activity Program

School kids create spontaneous movement with various toys inspired by MUVE dance concepts.

(Everybody) In this MUVE dancing lesson we explore how an object can inspire creative movement. The caller offers conceptual ideas based on the MUVE inspiration concepts "MOTIONS" and "EMOTIONS." Everyone creates their own dance reflecting the specific idea or state.

Dancing Games with MUVE Concepts, School Physical Activity Program

School physical activity dance lesson – Students learn about dancing the OPPOSITES

(Black Horse and the Cherry Tree) This video shows Maggie teaching the "OPPOSITES". Students learn to express spontaneous movements inspired by opposing concepts like stiff/loose, big/small, high/low, slow/fast, heavy/light, happy/sad, front/back. Of course you can use any kind of opposite or let the students create their own opposite pairs before you start the dance. The above concepts have proven to be great inspiration tools. If you want to use visual cues to help boost creativity and excitement check out the many tools available from MUVE https://muve.org/tool-box/

Dancing Games with MUVE Concepts, School Physical Activity Program

How to express Emotions in dance – Free School Exercise Program – Spontaneous MUVE Dancing for Kids

(Fancy Footwork) This video shows school children dancing inspired by the EMOTIONS - one of the many MUVE Concept Card series. Before starting this song we have discussed and practiced how movements change when we express feelings when we dance. Now, before we are ready to share our ideas with each other, we each practice independently, as we follow the suggestions of the EMOTIONS Concept Slide-show. So here, everybody dances individually.

Dancing Games with MUVE Concepts

Dancing Games for kids – Physical fitness for kids made easy by MUVE after school program

(One Meat Ball) In this MUVE Lesson we focus on specific BODYPARTS and explore how we can move them. In this dance students create their very own movements inspired by the Concept Flash-cards.

Dancing Games with MUVE Concepts, School Physical Activity Program

After school activity program – Spontaneous Dancing Games for kids and teens

(Let's Dance) This MUVE Lesson is about OPPOSITES. We learn to move expressing concepts like big or small, stiff or loose, low or high, happy or sad. This video shows the beginning of the MUVE dance work shop, when the kids learn by following 3 Muses in the center triangle. One student volunteer leads the class together with Muses Maggie and Rachel. Next the children will learn to create their own dance expressing the OPPOSITES. The last part of a MUVE dance lesson is for the students to become Muses themselves and teach each other by example.

Dancing Games with MUVE Concepts, School Physical Activity Program

School Dancing Game inspired by MUVE Flash-Cards "Moods & Modes"

(Big Time Boppin'.) MOODS & MODES. In this dance activity for children, kids create spontaneous dance exercises on their own. They get creative inspiration from concept-flash-cards affixed to each of the 7 Triangles on the floor. For this song the MUVE Educators have chosen the concepts Slow, Fast, Light, Heavy, Angry, Happy and Sad.

Dancing Games, Dancing Games with MUVE Concepts

Snake Dance Exercise at School – Fun Dancing Exercises for Kids with MUVE Concepts

(Another Night) These 4th Graders exercise at a MUVE dance after school program. MUVE school exercises are super easy to do with your students.For this spontaneous dancing game we taped MUVE "MOTIONS" Concept Cards to the floor. As the dancers enter the space they create movements inspired by the cards on the floor. At the same time we are also creating a group movement as we follow each other in a fast moving conga line.

DANCE-ALONG with the MUSE, Dancing Games with MUVE Concepts

Learn to Dance by following 3 Muses – MUVE Motion-Concepts inspire After-school Movement

(Brand New Day) In MUVE we inspire each other with dance moves. This video shows Muse Maggie start her session at her after school program with a dance-along inspired by the MOTIONS Concepts. Muse Maggie and her 2 helpers in the Center Triangle create improvised moves exploring the Concepts. The group of elementary school kids follows loosely. In MUVE any move is okay. Children can follow or make up their own dance moves.

Dancing Games with MUVE Concepts, School Physical Activity Program

Check it Out- Kids Exercise in School with Creative Dance Activity Program

(Check it Out) Students exercise in school by using MUVE's dance games for kids. After teaching our students the MUVE Dancing Concepts, we took it to the next level by combining themes. In this game, students use MUVE's new dancing game, 'The Wave' and dance two Dancing Inspirations- BODYPARTS and MOTIONS. These dance activity ideas give students the opportunity to explore their movements and enjoy new ways to dance with their whole bodies. The Wave is a group mirroring game, where each side takes turns inspiring the other with new dance moves. The first group collectively chooses a dancing concept that they will dance to the center line. In response, the second group first watches movements, learn it and echo it back. In this version, the dancing concepts are given by the caller. The Caller uses the beautifully designed MUVE Animation Cards to to give visual reference for dancers.

Dancing Games with MUVE Concepts, School Physical Activity Program

Spontaneous School Dance Party for Kids – Free Dance Exercises Game Online

(Dance Party Song) All students have practiced specific "MOTIONS" and now are demonstrating their moves as they rotate into the MUSE spot (Leader-spot.) The game is called "All Triangles Move w/ Center MUSE." See details at MUVE.com. This group is a mix of 3rd & 5th graders. School MUVE fitness activities for kids have neither age nor ability limitations. Each student creates at their own level. When mixing age groups in a MUVE session, the older kids become the example the younger ones aspire to. Older children learn to be leaders, and even the smaller kids learn to lead the older ones. The same is true for playing MUVE dance exercise games at home. Grandpa and toddler can do a MUVE dance along workout together with all the rest of the family.

Dancing Games with MUVE Concepts, School Physical Activity Program

Dance Movement Games for Kids – Dance Exercise Kids, Adults and Seniors can do together!

(Move Your Body) Partner-WAVE Game. The MUVE Physical Activity Program for School Children teaches numerous dancing games to play with groups of any size. MUVE physical activity games for kids can be played at school or at home. And every MUVE dance activity can be enjoyed by the whole family because every-one adjusts their moves to their own needs. The game featured here is one of the WAVE games. In this one the children relate to a specific partner on the opposite side. They have already practiced movements in different CHARACTER-roles (robot, ballerina, cowboy, hula dancer etc.) in several dance exercises before, and now try out the newly learned moves with each other. When the game leader calls for a "MIX-UP" all connections are broken and the kids dance freely around the room until a "RETURN" is called. Now everyone finds a new spot and with that also a new dancer to do the next Partner-WAVE with.

Dancing Games with MUVE Concepts, School Physical Activity Program

Dance in Character – Physical Activity School Exercises that Feel like Play – Easy Dance Workout

(Two Turn Tables. - CHARACTERS) The students have each chosen a character role and practiced to dance in "Character" in a previous dance. Now they are demonstration their dance moves to each other in this spontaneous MUVE dancing game called "All Triangles Move." As the kids rotate into the "MUSE-Spot" (leader spot) they all get to be the leader for the whole group following their movement cues. Because we always dance spontaneously we only follow "loosely," everyone in their own style. That's the secret why MUVE is fun for everyone no matter their age or physical shape!

Dancing Games with MUVE Concepts, Large GROUP Dancing Games

Large Group Dance Exercises at Staff Wellness Workshop – Employee Fitness Made Fun and Easy!

(Accentuate The Positive) This is a dance-along with 100+ people participating! A projector helps communicate the inspiring Movement Concepts "MOTIONS" as the group loosely follows MUSE Maggie on stage. MUVE Dance-alongs and Dancing Games are easy to do. They help relieve stress, improve physical wellbeing and give people the opportunity to connect with each other. When you invite MUVE to do a workshop with your staff, faculty, assembly or party guests we will usually start with a simple dance following a MUSE. But very soon everyone gets to explore their own moves and then share them with their co-dancers. Invite a MUVE educator to "animate" your office meeting or party. Find out more at the MUVE website where you can learn to teach these games yourself. For help hire a MUVE Educator to lead your group into a fun collective mass physical activity game. Find info on the website www.muve.com.

Dancing Games with MUVE Concepts, School Physical Activity Program

School Dance for Kids – Easy Dance-Along Exercise Activities for Kids

(Fancy Footwork - MOTIONS) Elementary students exercise in school as MUVE shares how dancing activities broaden ones range of movement. In this dance along video, we focus on specific Motions and demonstrate how our dance moves can become more creative. MUVE has created Motion Inspiration Cards which give dancers a visual cue of Motions being focused on. Dancers are inspired by indicated Motion Card and loosely interpret their own meaning. MUVE's Follow 3 Muses Triangle Game, a favorite dance activity for kids, is a game where 3 Muses alternate leading the whole group and all players follow the Muse in the center. MUVE supports school exercises for kids and this video is an example of how to dance for kids and use dance for exercise.

Dancing Games with MUVE Concepts, Infinity Dancing Games

MUVE Dancing Games are Great School Exercises for Kids and Teens

(Shake) MGD: Infinity Loops with MOTION Concepts. Students shine as they share their spontaneous dance moves with classmates, in this MUVE Dancing Game called Infinity Loops. This exercise activity for kids is an easy dance workout that gives students an opportunity to dance in the spotlight and cheer on those who are dancing. In this easy to set up dance activity, teachers make two parallel lines with tape 5-8 feet apart and divide group of dancers in two. Dancers stand on the lines and from the 'top' of the game, a dancer from each side pair up and boogie down the 'catwalk'. Pairs return to their beginning side, and the loop effortlessly continues with the next pair of dancers. Teachers can suggest a dance move or use a MUVE Concept Card to inspire and reinforce the theme of lesson. Infinity Loops are an easy dance workout that can be played by all ages and levels of experience.