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Dance Movement Games for Kids – Dance Exercise Kids, Adults and Seniors can do together!

(Move Your Body) Partner-WAVE Game. The MUVE Physical Activity Program for School Children teaches numerous dancing games to play with groups of any size. MUVE physical activity games for kids can be played at school or at home. And every MUVE dance activity can be enjoyed by the whole family because every-one adjusts their moves to their own needs. The game featured here is one of the WAVE games. In this one the children relate to a specific partner on the opposite side. They have already practiced movements in different CHARACTER-roles (robot, ballerina, cowboy, hula dancer etc.) in several dance exercises before, and now try out the newly learned moves with each other. When the game leader calls for a "MIX-UP" all connections are broken and the kids dance freely around the room until a "RETURN" is called. Now everyone finds a new spot and with that also a new dancer to do the next Partner-WAVE with.