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Dancing Games with Toys, Large GROUP Dancing Games

Children’s Fitness Class- Large Group Games- Fun Exercise Activities

(Geronimo) What better way to connect a group of children but through their natural inclination to play together. MUVE utilizes dance games to explore teamwork, leadership and creative risk taking, all the while providing solid fitness for everyone. When we add fun props like plates, balls or silly hats- children can explore their imaginations and take it to another level. Check out how silly these little ones are with these character hats. There is no prior knowledge needed for MUVE Dancing games. All games are super easy, and people of all shapes, sizes and age groups and abilities can play these community building games together. For large groups we recommend that you prepare a MUVE dancing grid with removable stickers and tape. In this video, we replaced the triangle grid with a polydot for easier set-up/breakdown and to accommodate more than 3 children to a team. However, if you are looking for something even easier there are several games that you can do with absolutely no preparation. The game above is called "independent TRIANGLES". Ask your players to form teams of 3 and stand at the corner of a triangle. Two corners of the triangle are green and one special dot is red. Then let them decide who will be the first dance leader for their team, they will stand on the red dot aka, the "Leader-Spots" (Muse-spot). The Muse will provide the dance inspiration for the other two players. Then demonstrate the "Huli Huli" rotation principle with one of the Triangle-team. "Huli Huli" means: Everybody moves one position clockwise. Now we have a new leader in the Triangle. Have everyone practice the Huli Huli rotation without music first.

Dancing Games with Toys, Family MUVE

Fun Family Activities – Dancing Games for Children, Teens and Adults Fitness

(What is Love ) This MUVE Dancing Game is called "Follow 3 MUSES". This video highlights a Family Dance Event. Ohana MUVE is a class designed for everyone! Multi-generational exercise for the whole family to enjoy quality time together. In this all-inclusive dance class; kids, teens, aunties, parents and even grandparents can enjoy healthy physical activity together. In this game 3 Muses alternate leading the whole group and all players follow the Muse in the center. In every group there are individuals who love to share their MUVES and don't mind being the center of attention throughout the whole song. The concept of one Muse inspiring the whole group unites the players for a community movement action. Leading the whole group might be intimidating for some, but it is also a special thrill for those outgoing personalities- a fine practice of leadership skills.

Dance Party, Dancing Games with Toys

Fun Party Icebreaker Games – Dance exercises for adults, seniors and kids.

(The Fox2) Looking for a fun game to energize your party? MUVE has created dancing games perfect for any group, no matter the size. Have a group or individuals who have just met? MUVE dancing games are a great icebreaker activity that brings people together in a dynamic way. All games are custom fit, any body can catch their groove and have a blast together- no experience necessary. This game is called "Towel Faires" and we are playing without any dancing grid. No set up or preparation needed! Just a couple of hand towels. This game is about connecting with another person in a playful way and to inspire each other. All players partner up. Each couple receives a towel to connect with each other. Partners dance freely around the room until the Caller calls for a 'Mix-up'. Each dancer now finds a new partner by either waving their towel or wiggle their fingers in the air. This game is about synergy and cooperation, how we dance while connected and how to negotiate moving as a single organism.

Dancing Games with Toys, School Physical Activity Program

Elementary school kids dance exercise and practice manipulative skills with plates

20 second graders handle colorful plates while dancing in a MUVE Dancing Game call "7 MUSE Circle." 7 kids have volunteered to lead this dance. They rotate on the MUSE-circle to lead their fellow students in 7 Triangles. In a group there will always be several dancers who love to be in the leadership position. If you lead the movement you are what we call a "MUSE." Anyone can be a MUSE but for some it comes naturally while others have to work up their confidence to fulfill that role. In this game the 7 MUSES get to lead all their fellow class mates in turn. And each Triangle gets to experience each and every one of the 7 leaders.

Dancing Games with Toys, Workshops

Spontaneous Dance Game teaches Teamwork, Leadership and Manipulative Skills

(It's OK) This spontaneous dancing game teaches how to move as a team. We are combining the Independent TRIANGLES Game with The SNAKE Game. First the partners of each team alternate inspiring each other with dance moves on their TRIANGLE. When the Game Leader calls for a "Break-out" the teams leave their TRIANGLE space and the person in the lead position guides their team throughout the whole room in a Snake-dance. For more fun we have added small balls to the equation. This game teaches teamwork and leadership as well as manipulative skills.

Dancing Games with MUVE Concepts, Dancing Games with Toys

Elementary students create individual dance moves inspired by MUVE Concept Slide-Show and Toys

(Puttin' On The Ritz) These school kids have each picked a "personal" toy and now creates their own movement ideas reflecting specific concepts like high, low, shake, hop, turn etc. prompted by a slideshow of MUVE Concepts. Each kid explores the possibilities. Even though they may pick up ideas from others, we encourage the students to invent their own moves. The toys bring additional creative ideas, the group brings the community and inspiration to dance.

Dancing Games with Toys, Young MUVE

Creating spontaneous dance as a team – MUVE Teen dance exercise workshop

(Dance Again) This game is called "Pods & Pearls" and we are playing it on the TRIANGLE Grid. The lesson is about teamwork and cooperation, how to look out for each other and how to negotiate moving as a single unit/organism. The teams of 3 players connect to each other with small towels and explore the possibilities. "Pearls" refers to creating a string/line dance, and "Pods" means creating a circle. When the Caller calls for a "MIX-UP" the players leave their teams to find a new triangle and new team mates. In MUVE we like to "mix-it up," to help participants connect with everyone, and not just with their usual buddies. MUVE is social interaction made easy!

Dancing Games with Toys, School Physical Activity Program

Dance activity games for groups – MUVE – the physical exercise kids like

(Comin' Home) The MUVE school physical activity program can be easily implemented for any grade level. The biggest fans are elementary students. They are still open to un-inhibited moves and got some pretty good motors skills. Here you are seeing grades K-3rd. This game is called the Cascading WAVE.

Dancing Games, Dancing Games with Toys

Interact while dancing & create movements as a pair connected by rags • Dance exercises for teens

(Move Around) Add some toy to your group dancing games and see how creativity ensues! Because MUVE is a spontaneous dance exercise method we do not choreograph any movement patterns. Movements are created on the fly. Inherently, this type of dance does not lend itself to holding on to each others hands. Usually, when dancers "hold hands" they are very likely to restrict each others movement. Dancing closely with a partner, without restricting each other, is the skill we are learning here. Using towels or rags adds about 10 inches of distance between the partners hands, which in turn allows a variety of maneuvers. As the students explore the possibilities, they learn to be mind-full of each other and to cooperate. Leading and following is non-verbally negotiated between the couples.

Dancing Games with Toys, Young MUVE

Teenagers exercise together— Spontaneous Group Dance

(Blurred Lines) We spiced this MUVE Partnering Game with props (paper-plate holders). The idea is simple: create a dance with a partner. The plates bring fun new dancing ideas and each time the Caller calls for a "Mix-up" we get a new partner. MUVE Dancing is all about having fun and enjoying each other in dance. We like to dance with everyone, not just the people we already know. The MUVE Partnering Game is easy to set up and can change a slow party into a house rockin' party in minutes. This fun and exciting group dancing game is explained here https://muve.org/muve-dancing-games/

Dancing Games with Toys, School Physical Activity Program

Move as ONE – Kids Dance Exercise at School – Social and Manipulative Skills

(Feel Good) In this game students practice handling props as a group while spontaneously dancing. Teams of three students dance on triangles marked on the ground. On the call "Huli Huli" students rotate one position clockwise. In each of the triangles one position is specially marked as the "Muse-spot". Whoever lands on this marker is the Muse for the other two dancers in the team and inspires them with ideas for dance movements. When the Caller calls "Move" the teams place their "Eggs"(balls) in the "Basket" (plate) and then carry the plate to the next triangle. Only one hand is used, inspiring groups to slow down and work together. Any egg that hits the ground is discarded. The goal is to save as many eggs as possible.

Dancing Games with Toys, Young MUVE

Dance Games for Kids, Teens, Adults and Elderly _ Edge

(Edge of Glory) A group of teenagers dance to Lady Gaga song. This is a MUVE Dancing Game where players inspire each other with easy to follow dance moves. MUVE dance activity ideas are great for groups of youngsters and seniors alike because the dancing is improvised and can suit any ability. You always make it your own style/speed/shape. MUVE dancing is a creative opportunity to shine, and to share in fun and play with community. Special for this particular dancing game is the added fun of manipulating toys (objects). There is a Dancing Grid of 7 Triangles marked on the ground. Each Triangle features a set of toys. As the Caller calls for a rotation ("MOVE",) dancers drop their toys to move to the next Triangle.

Dancing Games with Toys, Young MUVE

Teenage Games with Music and Dance – Fun Exercises for Teenagers _Floor

(On the Floor) This MUVE Dancing Game has a complicated Movement Pattern. It is called: "Independent Muse Circle with Huli Huli". Not only are the 7 Muses rotating on the Inner Muse Circle, to independently inspire each Triangle; a second signal calls for "Huli Huli" (clockwise rotation by one position within the Triangles). Special attention is needed because of the two different Movement Patterns. You might be moved onto a Muse-Spot and all of a sudden leading your Triangle. The next minute you are "Move"d on the Muse-Circle to inspire the next Triangle. These teens are new to MUVE and they are doing amazingly well figuring out where to go. The rule is, when you loose your way, just take the next available spot, the group movement will take care of itself with a little help from your friends. Learn about the many MUVE Dancing Games and get the Instructions and the MUVE School Curriculum at the MUVE website.

Dancing Games with Toys, School Physical Activity Program

Happy Days – Follow the 3 MUSES – 2nd Grade

In every group there are at least three individuals who love to share their MUVES and don’t mind being the center of attention for the whole group. All players follow the lead of a Center-Muse. The concept of one Muse inspiring the whole group unites the players for a community movement action. Leading a whole group might be intimidating for some, but it is also a special thrill for the outgoing personalities, and fine practice for their leadership skills.

Dancing Games with Toys, School Physical Activity Program

Vertical – independent All Triangles MUVE with Toy Triangles – 3rd Grade

In this game, the call "Move" moves all Triangle-teams into the next Triangle on the Grid, clockwise. The teams stay together throughout the whole song. As the Triangle-teams move through the different Triangles, players experience all the different Toy-groups. In this dance we eliminated the Call, "Huli Huli." This gives the teams the choice of who will lead the team as it arrives in a new Triangle. Some players seek out the leading role, while others rather follow. (To see this game with the "Huli Huli-Call," see the video "Lazy Song.")

Dancing Games with Toys, School Physical Activity Program

Let's get Glam – All TRIANGLES MUVE with Toys – 4th Grade

In this dancing game, each and every player will move through the Muse-spot to lead the entire group. This "All Triangle MUVE" game has two Rotation Calls. “Huli Huli” moves all players clockwise within their individual triangle and “Move” directs all players to move as a team into the next triangle on the Basic Grid, clockwise. All Dancers follow the Muse in the center, and everyone will have a chance to play this role. We have also added a toy, in this case, paper plate-holders. Not only do the toys add creative spark, they are also helpful in developing dexterity!

Dancing Games with Toys, School Physical Activity Program

Lights – Muse Circle with Toy – 2nd Grade

MUVE's dance game for kids incorporate toys to practice manipulative skills. This dancing game is called the "Muse Circle." These 7 ladies volunteer as our lead dancers (Muses.) On the Caller's (game leader) signal. The Muses rotate clockwise into the next Triangle. With each rotation an new combination of dancers explore creative dance together. This dance video definitely has a female touch! It's colorful, creative and gentle. This dancing game is a "quadruple-threat" teaching social, physical, creative and manipulative skills.

Dancing Games with Toys

Chambermaid Swing – Muse Circle with Toys – 3rd Grade

This MUVE Dancing Game is called the "Muse Circle." 7 kids are volunteering as lead dancers (Muses.) On the Caller's (game leader) signal. the Muses rotate clockwise into the next Triangle. With each rotation an new combination of dancers explore creative dance together. To spice it up, each triangle has Toys to inspire creative motions- such as scarfs, hats, ropes etc. Find the instructions to the dance games for kids at the muve.com website.