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Fun Party Icebreaker Games – Dance exercises for adults, seniors and kids.

(The Fox2) Looking for a fun game to energize your party? MUVE has created dancing games perfect for any group, no matter the size. Have a group or individuals who have just met? MUVE dancing games are a great icebreaker activity that brings people together in a dynamic way. All games are custom fit, any body can catch their groove and have a blast together- no experience necessary. This game is called "Towel Faires" and we are playing without any dancing grid. No set up or preparation needed! Just a couple of hand towels. This game is about connecting with another person in a playful way and to inspire each other. All players partner up. Each couple receives a towel to connect with each other. Partners dance freely around the room until the Caller calls for a 'Mix-up'. Each dancer now finds a new partner by either waving their towel or wiggle their fingers in the air. This game is about synergy and cooperation, how we dance while connected and how to negotiate moving as a single organism.

3 Responses to “Fun Party Icebreaker Games – Dance exercises for adults, seniors and kids.”

  1. Lorraine Porteous says:

    I work with special needs adults from age 20 to 83 and love this special needs muve it’s just wonderful how can I get the music. Lorraine

  2. Lorraine Porteous says:

    This is amazing and looks like everyone is having fun.

    • admin admin says:

      Thank you! We are all having a blast using dance for fun fitness. It gives us all an opportunity to play together. You are never too old to have fun with each other.