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Beginner Dance-Exercise, Senior MUVE

Low Impact Senior Exercise Dance at Home – Free Easy Dance Exercises for Older Adults

(Beauty Hula MM16) Staying motivated to exercise is easy with a MUVE dance along because everyone adjusts the intensity of movement to their own liking. The easy workout routines on the Mellow MUVE DVD, for which this dance was originally created are specifically intended for people who love music and dance and prefer gentle exercising at home. Mellow MUVE is a joyful way to exercise with free easy dance steps that are just your size. Out of shape? Overweight? - No problem, try our low impact workout video right now!

Beginner Dance-Exercise, Office MUVE

Exercise at your work computer with MUVE dance exercises online – it's easy and fun!

(Tico Tico) Everyone who works on a computer for many hours knows how it impacts a body. To relieve stiff muscles, joints and bones you can now do an easy dance along with Maggie and Rachel in front of your screen. Two Muses invite viewers to get up and dance along to improvised dance moves to improve health and wellness. Easy dance along video to relieve stress at work. A spontaneous dancing game can invigorate your body and mind.

Beginner Dance-Exercise, Senior MUVE

Senior Fitness Exercises activities for senior citizens – Improvised Dancing from Hawaii

(Polyamore) MUVE dance-alongs are actually fun for anyone, no matter their age. Generally, older adults like to follow the lead dancer, while the kids are more likely to create their own moves. For the playful, MUVE has great dancing games for groups of any kind

Beginner Dance-Exercise

Family Dance Activity – Try MUVE the Fun Physical Activity to do at Home

(Li Hing Hula) MUVE is a multi-generational, always spontaneous dance exercise. You dance just the way you like it. If you want inspiration you can follow the movement ideas of a lead-dancer called the MUSE. This role can be played by anyone. MUVE is community dance, either in a group or individually in front of a TV or computer. Our message is "you can't do it wrong" as long as you have fun, mind your body's needs and of course others.

Beginner Dance-Exercise, Senior MUVE

Dance Exercises for Older Adults – Improvised Dancing Hawaii Local Motion Style

(Local Motion Style) MUVE dance along workout videos online bring low impact cardio exercises right into your living room. Get motivated to exercise by dancing along to our gentle movements created spontaneously by MUSE Maggie. In our easy free video workout everyone listens to their own body and chooses the size and intensity of any dance move.

Beginner Dance-Exercise, DANCE-ALONG with the MUSE

School Exercises and Fitness Activities for Kids – Spontaneous Dance in School

(Cosita Rica) People learn to "MUVE" by following the lead dancer called "The MUSE." The MUSE will spontaneously create movements for you to follow "loosely" as we say. It means that you are not expected to precisely copy what you see, but to use the movement ideas as an inspiration to create your moves just the way you like them. At any moment you are encouraged to explore on your own, or to just follow along like a bird in a flock. The MUSE will keep her moves simple so you can catch on. She will demonstrate movements with different body-parts or movement types, speed, emotion - all to get you to experience brand new ways of dancing.

Beginner Dance-Exercise, Senior MUVE

Senior Fitness Exercises Behind a Chair – Easy Dance Workout for Older Adults

(Close Your Eyes) The Mellow MUVE DVD is a spontaneous dance instruction DVD for seniors with very gentle exercise moves anyone can do in their own style. The video above is one of these simple dance routines that can be done at home or anywhere. If you like to do the full low impact workout sessions you can buy the Mellow MUVE here https://muve.org/store/ MUVE dancing is always spontaneous. It is usually led by a MUSE (dance-leader) who will create improvised dance movements on the fly. The co-dancers pick up any idea that appeals to them and execute the movement in whatever form they choose.

Beginner Dance-Exercise, MUVE SHOW on TinyTV OC16

Dance-along Beginner Workout Routine MUVE Dance Instruction Videos – 3 German Ladies

06/05/11 MUVE Dance-along Show, abridged. Today's guests Rose and Lara help Maggie demonstrate her Basic MUVES "Walk", "Tap" and "Root," the MUVE alphabet. They describe the smallest increments of possible movement when balancing on two legs. The 3 Basic MUVES help people realize that they actually already know how to dance. They offer a simple and easy way to get moving. With continued practice, inexperienced dancers can develop confidence. Creativity blossoms when the dancer starts to experiment with the combinations and variations of these basic MUVES. For more details check out the MUVE Method Pages at www.muve.com.

Beginner Dance-Exercise, Senior MUVE

Easy Dance Exercises for Older Adults – Hawaii Senior Workout

(Beauty Hula MM16) Happy Seniors dancing to Beauty Hula. Groove along gently with us here in this Senior MUVE dance exercise video. MUVE dance-along exercises for seniors are a great way to loosen up and get all body-parts moving. They are not only workouts to get in shape, but also a great way to relax and reduce stress.This spontaneous dance along is from the beginner dance exercise dvd Mellow MUVE. It features easy dance steps that anyone can do. The best part is that you can invite your whole family to join you in this easy dance workout. Because all movements are customized to each dancers needs, your children and grand children can dance exercise with you right at home. The only way to really know what these spontaneous dances feel like is to actually do them! You will be surprised how easy it is to let yourself be inspired by the music and the easy moves, that's what makes working out fun with MUVE.

Beginner Dance-Exercise, Senior MUVE

Ku‘u Wainohia

Chairs make excellent toys and dance partners. In addition they provide security! If you have issues with balance and are afraid of falling, add a chair in front of you, for any MUVE dance-along. You can also at any time sit down on it to get a rest. Continue moving along while sitting; as always the video provides ideas, but you are the one customizing each movement for your own body. In this Follow the Muse Dance Game, Maggie in the center position is the Muse and lead dancer. Her fellow dancers follow loosely. There is no need to be precise. MUVE dancing is about having fun and exploring creative dance moves. When you follow someone else you are likely to discover new moves that your body and mind enjoy. Go ahead and dance along to this video right now.

Beginner Dance-Exercise, Senior MUVE

Easy Dance Exercise for Seniors, Athletes and Kids – All in ONE!

Learn to dance MUVE with "Hilo Hula." MUVE dance along videos teach free easy dance steps. There is no choreography to remember, taking the difficulty out of this easy dance exercise. There are 3 basic MUVES which you can explore at Method page https://muve.org/method.html. The Basic MUVES provide dance variations to exercise balance, direction, speed, size and intensity. These easy dance moves can get even the "non-dancers" into the dancing spirit. The Hilo Hula video displays the basic MUVE icons as well as instructions regarding optional speed changes. Learning about how to customize you own MUVES to your own needs is important because it makes it possible that elderly people, people in their physical prime as well as little kids can all enjoy dancing together to the same song, each getting the workout that fits their bodies. This easy dance workout is a good example for how one can slow down and speed up at will, when MUVE dancing. Dance along and practice the speed changes with us. Always adjust your own speed to make your dance feel great, that's one of the 10 MUVE Principles!

Beginner Dance-Exercise

Latin Three

Looking for ways to relieve stress? Try this dance-along to a happy guitar tune. These easy aerobic exercises at home can brighten your day. Give it a try and dance along right now!

Beginner Dance-Exercise, Office MUVE

Minor Swing – MELLOW

This is one of my favorite Office MUVES. It's a loosen-up and energize dance for in between long period of sitting. Let these freestyle dance moves help you straighten out your back and get the kinks out of neck and shoulders.

Beginner Dance-Exercise, Family MUVE

An Occasional Man

This dance is from the low impact exercise DVD Mellow MUVE. Especially fun is the music on this one - it's comical as well as a bit sensuous! Dance like nobody is watching!