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Dance Games for Kids, Teens, Adults and Elderly _ Edge

(Edge of Glory) A group of teenagers dance to Lady Gaga song. This is a MUVE Dancing Game where players inspire each other with easy to follow dance moves. MUVE dance activity ideas are great for groups of youngsters and seniors alike because the dancing is improvised and can suit any ability. You always make it your own style/speed/shape. MUVE dancing is a creative opportunity to shine, and to share in fun and play with community. Special for this particular dancing game is the added fun of manipulating toys (objects). There is a Dancing Grid of 7 Triangles marked on the ground. Each Triangle features a set of toys. As the Caller calls for a rotation ("MOVE",) dancers drop their toys to move to the next Triangle.

One Response to “Dance Games for Kids, Teens, Adults and Elderly _ Edge”

  1. DJ Kenny says:

    WOW! While searching the internet for activities for teen parties, I stumbled upon MUVE! I will be planning some move activities in the coming weeks for sure!