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Teenage Games with Music and Dance – Fun Exercises for Teenagers _Floor

(On the Floor) This MUVE Dancing Game has a complicated Movement Pattern. It is called: "Independent Muse Circle with Huli Huli". Not only are the 7 Muses rotating on the Inner Muse Circle, to independently inspire each Triangle; a second signal calls for "Huli Huli" (clockwise rotation by one position within the Triangles). Special attention is needed because of the two different Movement Patterns. You might be moved onto a Muse-Spot and all of a sudden leading your Triangle. The next minute you are "Move"d on the Muse-Circle to inspire the next Triangle. These teens are new to MUVE and they are doing amazingly well figuring out where to go. The rule is, when you loose your way, just take the next available spot, the group movement will take care of itself with a little help from your friends. Learn about the many MUVE Dancing Games and get the Instructions and the MUVE School Curriculum at the MUVE website.