10 Principles Method

Learn to dance in synch with the 4 count beat and change the tempo of your movements

(Cakewalk) In this lesson we learn about the 4-count-beat. We use a 4-count beat in most all our western music forms. Keeping the beat together keeps all musicians in sync. The same goes for us dancers - we too share the 4-counts with the musicians and accentuate our movements in synch with the beat. With the help of the 4-count-beat we can learn how to speed up and how to slow down the tempo of our movements. We can step at the same speed with 4 steps/accentuations per 4 beats. Or we can slow it down to only 2 steps/accentuations per 4 counts, all the way to only 1 beat per 4 counts. If we take 8 steps in the same time frame we are going "super-speed."