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MUVE Dancing Games are Great School Exercises for Kids and Teens

(Shake) MGD: Infinity Loops with MOTION Concepts. Students shine as they share their spontaneous dance moves with classmates, in this MUVE Dancing Game called Infinity Loops. This exercise activity for kids is an easy dance workout that gives students an opportunity to dance in the spotlight and cheer on those who are dancing. In this easy to set up dance activity, teachers make two parallel lines with tape 5-8 feet apart and divide group of dancers in two. Dancers stand on the lines and from the 'top' of the game, a dancer from each side pair up and boogie down the 'catwalk'. Pairs return to their beginning side, and the loop effortlessly continues with the next pair of dancers. Teachers can suggest a dance move or use a MUVE Concept Card to inspire and reinforce the theme of lesson. Infinity Loops are an easy dance workout that can be played by all ages and levels of experience.