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Spontaneous School Dance Party for Kids – Free Dance Exercises Game Online

(Dance Party Song) All students have practiced specific "MOTIONS" and now are demonstrating their moves as they rotate into the MUSE spot (Leader-spot.) The game is called "All Triangles Move w/ Center MUSE." See details at MUVE.com. This group is a mix of 3rd & 5th graders. School MUVE fitness activities for kids have neither age nor ability limitations. Each student creates at their own level. When mixing age groups in a MUVE session, the older kids become the example the younger ones aspire to. Older children learn to be leaders, and even the smaller kids learn to lead the older ones. The same is true for playing MUVE dance exercise games at home. Grandpa and toddler can do a MUVE dance along workout together with all the rest of the family.