10 Principles Method

Check it Out- Kids Exercise in School with Creative Dance Activity Program

(Check it Out) Students exercise in school by using MUVE's dance games for kids. After teaching our students the MUVE Dancing Concepts, we took it to the next level by combining themes. In this game, students use MUVE's new dancing game, 'The Wave' and dance two Dancing Inspirations- BODYPARTS and MOTIONS. These dance activity ideas give students the opportunity to explore their movements and enjoy new ways to dance with their whole bodies. The Wave is a group mirroring game, where each side takes turns inspiring the other with new dance moves. The first group collectively chooses a dancing concept that they will dance to the center line. In response, the second group first watches movements, learn it and echo it back. In this version, the dancing concepts are given by the caller. The Caller uses the beautifully designed MUVE Animation Cards to to give visual reference for dancers.