10 Principles Method

Large Group Dance Exercises at Staff Wellness Workshop – Employee Fitness Made Fun and Easy!

(Accentuate The Positive) This is a dance-along with 100+ people participating! A projector helps communicate the inspiring Movement Concepts "MOTIONS" as the group loosely follows MUSE Maggie on stage. MUVE Dance-alongs and Dancing Games are easy to do. They help relieve stress, improve physical wellbeing and give people the opportunity to connect with each other. When you invite MUVE to do a workshop with your staff, faculty, assembly or party guests we will usually start with a simple dance following a MUSE. But very soon everyone gets to explore their own moves and then share them with their co-dancers. Invite a MUVE educator to "animate" your office meeting or party. Find out more at the MUVE website where you can learn to teach these games yourself. For help hire a MUVE Educator to lead your group into a fun collective mass physical activity game. Find info on the website www.muve.com.