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Youth Group Games – Follow Along Dance Game – Team Building for Teens

(Rude by Magic!) When introducing dance and movement to a new group we show them how it's done with the help of a couple of daring volunteers. In this case two winners camp staffers volunteered to be the "Center-MUSES" together with me. The inspiration for the dance movements, the MOTIONS are used (Kick, Scoop, Release & Hop to name a few). This helps give students movement ideas to create their own dance steps. We used verbal cues, but as you teach this game you can also use the MUVE Concept Cards to help the students find creative ideas. There are various types of inspiration concepts (Bodyparts, Emotions, Motions, Opposites, Characters) available in our toolbox https://muve.org/tool-box/ If you want to dance for your own enjoyment, see the many free easy dance exercises available at the MUVE Video Blog at https://muve.org/blog/office-muve/. MUVE videos are free video workouts that can be done by kids, seniors and adults. Learn about all the ideas, concepts, videos and free inspiration tools from MUVE at the website https://muve.org