10 Principles Method

FREE Multi-Generational Family Party Entertainment – Dancing at home made easy!

• Tight Rope • Grooving to the music relaxes your brain and makes your body feel good. It's a great stress buster. Break out of the box and get up and dance with us. It's so easy and it feels so good. I hope you will try it! This dance exercise video shows 9 dancers in 3 groups of three. It is called and "independent" TRIANGLE dancing game because each TRIANGLE has it's own "Muse-spot." The dancer on this spot will create the movement idea which the other two pick up as an inspiration for their own expressive spontaneous dance. As always we follow loosely. Get the free instructions for the MUVE family and group dancing games at www.muve.com. There are also many more dance workout videos online to dance-along at home. Find these easy cardio workouts at the site's MUVE-along video blog.