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Employee Wellness Workshop – Spontaneous Dance Activity inspired by MUVE Concepts

(Koop Island) Concepts: BODYPARTS. This creative movement game is called "independent Triangles." It is super easy to set up, and it can be played by an unlimited amount of people! Motivate your staff to this fun and easy dance exercises at work or invite MUVE to come to your workplace to set up a MUVE employee fitness program. In this dance exercise video we have asked the participants to form teams of three. Each team is given one sticker to mark the lead-dancer (MUSE) spot. As the games progresses a Caller will give the command to "Huli Huli" which means "move within your triangle team clockwise to the next position." Now a new MUSE will take up the lead in each triangle. Take a look how easy this is for this group of co-workers. To help with spontaneous movement ideas we are displaying the MUVE Concepts cards "Bodyparts." There are many "Inspiration Tools" available at www.MUVE.com to help get the party started. This game is only one of many MUVE Dancing Games available for free at MUVE.com. Workplace wellness ideas can also be found in form of desktop exercises you can do right in front of your computer whenever you feel like it. Try out the many desk exercises with the Office MUVE videos at our site www.MUVE.com. These are easy dance-alongs to do in small spaces and will inspire physical activity in the workplace.