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Dance exercise to Katy Perry song "Firework" – Aerobic workouts for teenagers

First dance of the Spring Winners' Camp MUVE workshop. All kids are brand new to MUVE. At this stage of the game some of the kids are still a bit bewildered about the idea of "dancing along". This spontaneous dance introduces them to the 3 Basic MUVES of the MUVE Method. These MUVES are the movement patterns at the base of any dance. As demonstrated here in their simplest shape, anyone can do them spontaneously. They are perfect to get this group of teens moving and grooving. Dancing to the popular song "Firework" also helps everyone to get inspired. Maggie will be releasing 6 of the songs from this workshop and you will be able to see how quickly the teens warm up to the improvised dance method. Subscribe to the MUVEmethod video channel so you will get to see the other songs as they become available. Dance along to this aerobic dance video. It's great exercise to get in shape -- start exercising at home with the many MUVE videos at www.muve.com/blog/