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4-year-old preschooler leads improvised group dance – Fun Dance along workout for YOU!

Little Allen leads us here at a workshop for GirlFEST. Just watching the video will not give you the whole experience, so we invite you to actually get up and dance along with us! As always, the leading Muse only supplies ideas that you can pick up or ignore. There is no must do in MUVE. Follow loosely. The three Muses in this dance along workout demonstrate a Basic Triangle MUVE dancing game. MUVE Dancing Games are group dances and excellent exercise activities for kids as well as older adults. The spot in front is where the MUVE is created. This "Muse"-spot, and the positions of the other dancers are marked on the ground. There are different MUVE Dancing Games for any number of players. They offer stress relief for kids, exercises for older adults and workouts to get in shape for the whole family. They can get the family up and moving for better health and happiness. Learn how to play the MUVE Dancing Games and get healthy dance aerobic exercise right at home at muve.com.