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Workouts for Teenagers _ Stomp To My Beat

This video is one of the very first MUVE dancing Games. Maggie had cast a crew of young adults to create a spontaneous dance for a DEMO. The purpose of the DEMO was to show prospective musical artist collaborators how a "MUVE" dance workout dvd would look like, so they might agree to let Maggie use their music. The dancers are Rachel and Ashley, two high-school students, James, a dance student who had responded to the casting call on Craig's list and Etienne, Maggie's teenage neighbor. None of the dancers had any experience with MUVE before this shoot! That's the beauty of MUVE. All you need is the willingness to have fun and enjoy the power of music and improvised dance. MUVE is easy, as you can see in this aerobic dance workout. Youthful energy turned this into a real cardio funk dance exercise workout.