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Comprehensive School Physical Activity Program (CSPAP)

School MUVE - Dance Lesson Program for Schools!

Teaching Creative Dance Exercise in SCHOOL

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MUVE Lessons

Comprehensive School Physical Activity Program (CSPAP)

MUVE is a spontaneous, all inclusive Dance/Exercise Method. The MUVE-Dancer explores creative movement possibilities easily and joyfully. There is no choreography, no right or wrong step, but spontaneous movement and healthy fun with friends. However, coming up with new dance ideas can be challenging. MUVE-Tools help generate different movement ideas ensuring that each dance is fun, fresh and effortless. With the MUVE Lessons we aim to support the growth of physical and social skills, leadership and creative expression through community dance.

Intended Learning Outcomes - All students will be able to:

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Teach by Example and LEARN by Following

The MUVE lesson begins with a Dance-Along. Though students are usually happy to move, its important to provide a model for the movements you wish to see. Following the MUSE (lead-dancer) is super fun and a great way to learn new moves. Students follow loosely, shaping each move to their own preference. Different age and skill levels can playfully exercise together. There is no pressure. We enjoy giving and receiving movement ideas from each other.


“Brand New Day”


“Best Day Of My Life”


“I Got A Feeling”

When MUVE Educators create their lessons, the 3 MUVE Levels - LEARN, EXPLORE, SHARE are used. This is our guideline to support students in their development to creating confident expressions of dance.


We have lined up the lesson plans in the order we usually offer them. However, you can use them in any order you like. The Icon Shuttles below will lead you to instructions and sample videos. You do not have to be a “great dancer” to teach MUVE to any group. After you set up each game it will work on auto-pilot all the way to the end of each song.

If you need more detail on how to set up a specific MUVE Dancing Game, go to MUVE Dancing Games

  • Bodyparts
  • Opposites
  • Motions
  • 4 Counts
    4-Count Beat
  • Basic MUVES
    Basic MUVES
  • Emotions
  • Partnering
  • MUSE Skills
  • Teamwork
  • Emotions Characters