Exploring how to dance as a team

How do you work together as a team?

All MUVE Dancing Games are lessons in teamwork because we never dance just by ourselves. When we follow the MUSE we all act like a school of fish or a flock of birds. Sometimes we create dance moves in smaller teams like as independent TRIANGLES or SNAKES. The WAVE separates us in 2 teams on opposite sides of the room.

When you are dancing in a team you always keep an eye on the your fellow dancers to help them along the challenge at hand. Some MUVE Dancing Games are especially good to practice your team spirit.

In the game Eggs in the Basket students learn to navigate through space with a plate and 6 eggs/balls on it. Three students hold the plate together and have to be careful not to loose any egg, because if an egg falls to the ground it will break. This game can be a contest. The team with the most eggs in their basket at the end of the song wins.

Weaving has 3-dancer-teams navigate in and around each other without touching. Here the students learn when to assert themselves and when to create space for others.

In a Snake Dance several bodies create a single bigger body together. Pods & Pearls lets dancers explore a dance connected by towels.

Sample Videos for the TEAMWORK Lesson

Principle of the Day

It’s Better Together

Take a break from dancing and discuss
• What make a good/bad team?
• Are there different roles to play in a team?
• What makes dancing as a team fun?
• What are the challenges of teamwork?

We learned

  • That dancing as a part of a larger body requires keeping close and in synch with our team
  • When we respect each others space we can dance together better
  • We need to be patient with others and help them out whenever we can
  • Slow and deliberate moves are more successful when working as a team
  • We can help our team by staying focussed on the task
  • It is fun to win a competition with our team, and it’s okay not to be the winners

Hawaii Content and Performance Standards for the Teamwork Lesson

Each MUVE Lesson has been created to include Hawaii Content & Performance Standards, enabling teachers to use selected benchmarks to plan a standards-based instruction for a Physical Education or Fine Arts lesson.

Click here to see the Educational Benchmarks for the Teamwork Lesson