Manipulative Skills/OBJECTS Lesson

Dancing with Toys/Objects

How does an object inspire movement?

How do you handle an object creatively?

Objects can inspire movement. As soon as there is an object involved the attention moves to it. Shy kids who might have a hard time at first will loosen up with a toy in their hand. Kids as well as adults respond very positively to a toy and easily explore different ideas that object can supply.

Start with a dance along to show the group different options of manipulating the object. There are spacial options like low/high, left/right, front/back, around. You can catch and throw. Or you can experiment with MOTIONS and EMOTIONS in relation to the object. You can hold your object with different body-parts or play a character role, like serving up your toy like a waiter or cuddling it like a mother.

Individual MOVES



Let the students explore individually before introducing any of the group MUVE Dancing Games. Using the MUVE Concept Cards can help spark fresh ideas.

We finish the session with an All TRIANGLES Move game (Level 3) where every student will demo their Character-moves as the whole group follows loosely.

You can add objects to all MUVE Dancing Games and to any other Lesson Plan. They will invariably raise the excitement for dancers young and old. It’s a quick way to include manipuative skills in your lesson line-up.

Sample Videos for the OBJECTS Lesson

There are “group toys” where everyone has the same item like towels, balls or plates:

And “individual toys” where every dancer has a different object:

And “team toys” where every group of 3 dancers has a specific type of object:

When working with objects remind the students that the CARE-Principle (respect each other with words and actions) also applies to objects. Some toys, like for example ropes, can be downright dangerous if used carelessly. Rough handling of a toy can damage or even distroy it.

When you play with individual toys, there will be some toys more popular than others. This is a chance to learn about being patient and waiting for your turn with the special object.

Manipulating objects activates new physical skills and sparkes fresh creative ideas.

Principle of the Day

Be Safe

After a few dances let’s talk about
• What would be an unsafe way to dance or handle a toy?
• How can you help making the experience safe for all?
• How can you keep yourself safe?

We learned

Hawaii Content and Performance Standards for the Objects Lesson

Each MUVE Lesson has been created to include Hawaii Content & Performance Standards, enabling teachers to use selected benchmarks to plan a standards-based instruction for a Physical Education or Fine Arts lesson.

Click here to see the Educational Benchmarks for the Objects Lesson