The Partner Grid

Dancing with another Person

How do you dance spontaneously with a partner?

In a MUVE Dancing Game, partnering means inspiring each other. We do not memorize specific movements like traditional choreography. You can either create a rule about who is in the lead for each couple or let the partners figure out how to inspire each other.

In MUVE we want to have fun with many new friends and not be stuck with a specific partner. Call for a MIX-UP often, to give students the opportunity to meet many new friends and learn new moves from them.

An easy way to set up your group for a Partnering Game is on the Partner Grid. On the Grid each spot has a corresponding partner spot on the other side of the room. This way it is easy for the partners to find each other. And it is super easy to mix-up the partnerships in mid song. If you don’t have the time to prepare the grid you can us little towels as in the Towel Fairies game (see video “Wings” below.)

The partners can have specific tasks, like dancing down the catwalk together in an Infinity Loops Game, or cruise up and down the Tight Rope Slide.

Remember you can add concepts of other lessons like BODYPARTS, MOTIONS, OPPOSITES, EMOTIONS, CHARACTERS etc.

In a Partnering lesson we mainly use Level 2 games, where students explore independently with their peers.

Sample Videos for PARTNERING Lesson

Principle of the Day


After a few dances let’s talk about
• How did it feel to meet new friends?
• Were you able to communicate without words?
• Did you feel connected to your partner?

We learned

Hawaii Content and Performance Standards for the Partnering Lesson

Each MUVE Lesson has been created to include Hawaii Content & Performance Standards, enabling teachers to use selected benchmarks to plan a standards-based instruction for a Physical Education or Fine Arts lesson.

Click here to see the Educational Benchmarks for the Partnering Lesson