C.A.R.E Principle

Use this reminder at the beginning of any MUVE Lesson

Cstands for Community Dance

Every person’s energy is needed. A MUVE session is exciting, entertaining and fun because each person contributes their presence and creativity to the group. Every person, child & adult is important.

Astands for Always Try Your Best

This is a different type of dance class. No dance experience is required. Without choreography, there is no right or wrong way to perform any dance. MUVE is about each dancer enjoying their own connection between music and movement. No stress, just try your best.

Rstands for Respect Yourself and Others

Safety is essential for a MUVE class. We are here to play not cause harm. Dancers will increase their awareness of themselves and others as they use their whole bodies and the entire room to dance. Be carful not to hit others. This is a journey of dance discovery. We create a safe space for everyone to be themselves, unkind language or judgments are never tolerated.

Estands for Enjoy Yourself

This class is for you to enjoy yourself. Have fun & connect with your community.