In a Cascading WAVE the players alternate leading one movement to the middle and back. The Caller can designate the next movement leader by pointing or the group can agree to any order. Easiest is to start at one point and go around in one direction. After the last position of the first side finished his/her movement, the leadership jumps over to the opposite side and continuous down the line.

Even though we respond to ideas created by all the different players in this game, and our movements are not inspired by our personal partner on the opposite side, we still are aware of, and respond to each other as partners.

“MIX UP” A MIX UP always means is that you leave your current spot and find a new one.

Manipulating Objects
Add objects to inspire movement ideas.
MUVE Concept Cards To stimulate creative variety you can display MUVE Concept Cards. See Sample “Check It Out”


“Cupid Shuffle”