Follow 3 MUSES
in the Center

In this game 3 Muses alternate leading the whole group and all players follow the Muse in the center. In every group there are individuals who love to share their MUVES and don't mind being the center of attention throughout the whole song. The concept of one Muse inspiring the whole group unites the players for a community movement action. Leading the whole group might be intimidating for some, but it is also a special thrill for the outgoing personalities – a fine practice of leadership skills.

Select 3 Muses to lead the dance and determine the method for the Rotation Calls. Explain that whenever the Center Triangle rotates, so do all Triangles. This keeps everyone activated and connected to each other.

The Huli Huli Call not only switches out the Muses, but also integrates individuals, who might be distracted, into the group experience. Everyone moves along, no one is left behind.

Triangle Grid Triangle Grid


“Just Dance”


“Happy Days”


“Acoustic Swing”