In this game the call Move sends the dancers as complete Triangle-Teams into the next Triangle on the Grid clockwise. The teams stay together throughout the whole song. Triangles can have specific items or activities associated with them. For example, you can place different Toys or Animation Concept Cards into the Triangles to stimulate creative dancing ideas. As the Triangle-teams move through the different Triangles, players experience all the different Toy-groups/Concepts associated with each Triangle. Whoever is on the various Muse-spots leads their Triangle.

Triangle Grid

VARIATION: With Additional Huli Huli

The Call Huli Huli moves players clockwise within the individual Triangles. The Call Move moves each Triangle-Team counterclockwise to next Triangle on the Grid. To make sure each player can experience each Toy Group/Concept as a Muse as well as a Dancer, use this Calling Pattern:
Start. 2x HH (Huli Huli) – 1x MO (Move) – repeat.

“Lazy Song”

Triangle Grid