Pods & Pearls
Roaming Free

This game is about teamwork and cooperation, how to look out for each other and how to negotiate moving as a team (unit/single organism.) Teams of 3 players connect to each other with small towels and explore the possibilities of dancing together. “Pods” has all players remain connected, dancing in a circle. “Pearls” refers to creating a string dance where the players dance and explore the space as a chain.

When the Caller calls for a “MIX-UP” the players leave their teams to find new team mates. Dancers find a new team by waving their towels in the air to signal the need for new partner(s).

Pods & Pearls
on the Triangle Grid

You can use the TRIANGLE Grid to create the teams. If you choose to have the dancers stay in the Triangle-area, you will see more exploration of movements and shapes within the team. If you let the teams roam free between the MIX-UPs, you will observe more interaction between the different teams.