MOVE with
Center Muse

In this Dancing Game each and every player will move through the Muse-spot to lead the entire group. The All Triangles MUVE game has two Rotation Calls. “Huli Huli” moves all players clockwise within their individual Triangle and “Move” directs all players to move as a team into the next Triangle on the Dancing Grid (clockwise.)

All Dancers follow the Muse in the center, and everyone will have a chance to play this role. This game needs a general Caller because the Calls need to be heeded by all Players at the same time.

Calls: Huli Huli and Move
To make sure each player can experience leading the whole group as a Muse, use this Calling Pattern: Start – 2x HH (Huli Huli) – 1x MO (Move) – repeat. Moving all 21 players through the Muse-spot will usually take 2 songs to complete.

Triangle Grid Triangle Grid