CIRCLE Games are easy to set up because they do not need markings on the ground.


Here we are learning to assert ourselves as well as how to be considerate to others. The group forms a circle and one spot in the center is designated as the “Muse-Spot.” Individual dancers jump into the center to take the lead. The Caller can indicate the switches or he/she can let the individuals decide how long to remain in the center. As soon as the Muse-Spot is vacated another person can “jump” in.


The dancers form a circle and the dance leader starts to demonstrate one “Move” (a simple, short movement pattern) which is picked up by everyone. Then the game leader designates the next Muse by pointing to another dancer. That dancer creates the next Move for everyone and then designates the next leader.

Leading dancers can stay within the circle or the rule can be that the leaders always jumps into the center.

If you are working with an inexperienced group you might want to specify the sequence of leadership ahead of time. For example start at one point of the circle and go one after another until everyone has a chance to lead.