Divide your group of dancers in two teams. Each team assembles on the long side lines of the dance-space. A dividing line in the center works as a barrier between the teams. Just like waves, the dancers will move toward the center line and rebound back to the side lines in a continuous action.

“Team” Wave

Each team has a Caller who announces or displays the movement idea. The two Callers alternate initiating the next MUVE. In an “opposing” WAVE the responding team will create the opposite of the other team's MUVES. For example if team A dances “high,” team B will respond by dancing “low” (see “A Tu Lado.”)

In a “mirroring” WAVE the teams will imitate the movement idea of the other team (see “In the Bag.”)

“Freestyle” Wave

Dancers create movements independently (see “Check it Out.”) To inspire creative ideas you can display MUVE Concept-Cards.

ADD-ON OPTION: Switching Sides

Call a “SWITCH” with your voice or any noismaking device. This causes each team to change over to the opposite side. Switching Sides is a great exercise especially for children. They can learn how to quickly navigate passing through to the other side without bumping into other players (see “A Tu Lado.”)