Follow The Muse

The lead dancer/teacher in MUVE is called the MUSE. The MUSE offers creative movement ideas on a continuous basis which the dancers can pick up and follow along. They can also use the movement cues as a springboard for their own dance exploration. Following a MUSE is a great way to learn new moves. Co-dancers follow only loosely, shaping each move to their own preferences. We enjoy receiving movement ideas from the MUSE. A MUSE does not have to be perfect but she has to be fun!

Working with the MUVE Concepts a MUSE can improve the quality of her suggestions, making sure that all the different body parts will get their fair share of the action. It is very easy to become a MUSE. As soon as you are ready to offer ideas to others you are a MUSE. Of course there are great MUSES and not so exciting MUSES. As with everything, practice makes the master MUSE.