A number of Muses lead the dance simultaneously. Each Muse inspires two other dancers in her/his triangle. The other players don't have to lead, nor rotate or move on.

With each Move (Rotation Call) the Muses rotate clockwise on the Muse Circle into the next Triangle on the Grid. In turn, each Muse will lead each Triangle. All Co-dancers receive ideas from each of the Muses. As the Muses lead non-stop, they learn to keep their creative juices and energy moving and also to pace themselves.

Independent Muse

VARIATION: (For Experienced Muvers)

If you want to add an element of challenge and surprise, add the Huli Huli Call. The Huli Huli Call moves all players one position forward, clockwise inside their individual Triangle. This moves 7 new dancers onto the Muse-circle spots resulting in unexpected changes in player-roles.