The set up for an Infinity Catwalk is super easy. Two parallel lines are marked with masking tape on the floor about 5-8 feet apart. Divide your group of dancers in two. One group stands behind the left, the other behind the right dividing line. From the “top” of the game two dancers start dancing down the Catwalk to the “bottom”, also marked to designate how far the players should go. Each pair is made of one dancer from the right and one dancer from the left.

The pairs can either create their MUVES together as a team or individually.

Holding on to each other is discouraged because it can result in players limiting each other's movements.

Follow the Muse
“Let’s Bounce”

Move in Pairs
“Born This Way”

MUVE Concepts

With Toys
“Causa y Efecto”

Navigate Obstacles
“Fountain Tune”