Towel Fairies
Roaming Free

This game is about connecting with another person in a playful way and to inspire each other. It’s a great party game for any occasion because it does not need any floor-markings (GRID). It is super easy to set up.

All players partner up. Each couple receives a towel to connect with each other. Partners dance freely around the room until the Caller calls for a MIX-UP. Each dancer now finds a new partner by either waving their towel or wiggle their fingers up in the air.


In this game we specify who is in the lead and who follows. One person per couple receives a towel. The dancer in possession of the towel is the dance leader (MUSE) and responsible for entertaining their partner with movement ideas. Partners do not need to connect to each other with the towel all the time. They can wave it or throw it into the air etc.

When the Caller calls for a MIX-UP, each MUSE (all the dancers with the towels) passes off their towel to their partner. Now all the followers will be a MUSE in the next segment. Again all towels and hands go up in the air to attract a new mate.